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Consumer Rights Act expands to cover digital purchases

UK consumers now have new legal rights entitling them to returns and repairs on digital purchases.

As the result of an amendment to the Consumer Rights Act, those who download e-books, music, video games and more have been granted new rights of repair or replacement when their digital goods are faulty. Furthermore, the return period for such goods has been set in stone as 30 days and consumers can challenge unfair or hidden conditions.

Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director said: “Consumer law was crying out to be brought up to date to cope with the requirements and demands of today’s shoppers. Getting a refund or repair, dealing with issues with faulty digital downloads and understanding contracts should now all be much simpler.

“Businesses must ensure their staff are aware of the changes so they’re not caught out short-changing customers or breaking the law.”

The update was made to reflect the increased UK digital spend – with £2.8bn changing hands in 2014, up 18 per cent from 2013.