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The top ten shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in August 2015: reality TV rules


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

September 29, 2015 | 8 min read

As the summer ended CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC all had one thing in common. Reality TV ruled their programming as we see in this week's charts from SimilarWeb. America's Got Talent was number one for NBC, Big Brother for CBS, So You Think You Can Dance for FOX and The Chew for ABC. Here are the charts and analysis.

NBC SimilarWeb

NBC SimilarWeb

Insights FOX Shows August 2015:

  • The series “So You Think You Can Dance” continues to amaze FOX viewers. In August 2015, a total of 12 candidates were eliminated over a period of 5 episodes and that helped the series grab 1st place with an incredible 39.50% of traffic share in August 2015.
  • The season Finale of “MasterChef” is approaching and as in July, Gordon Ramsey ranked 2nd in our Top Ten Show List for August 2015 with 17.23% of traffic share.
  • “Family Guy” remains in our Top Ten List by securing 3rd place with a substansial 11.15% of traffic share, well ahead of rank 4th ranked “Empire” with captured only 7.19%.
  • The new season of the animated sitcom “Bob’s Burgers” startes on September 27th, yet the show has already managed to grab 6.37% of traffic share, climbing up two places in rank from last month from 7th to 5th place.
  • Newcomer “Home Free” started only on July 22nd 2015. With 4 shows being aired in August, the series made it on our Top Ten List for August 2015. Given this pace, we predict the show will rapidly climbing the ranks…unless it’s just beginners luck.
  • Unfortunately the longest running animated sitcom The Simpsons lost some traffic, just barely squeezing onto the lower part of our list.
  • What happened with “Wayward Pines”? While last month the show had good numbers, the series dropped dramatically to the bottom with only 3.99% of traffic. Seems like that season, which ended on July 23rd 2015, is no longer being watched by viewers.
  • The Deschanel sisters share something in common: besides each being on their own hit TV show, each show made the top 10 list, although just barely. “New Girl” and “Bones” rounded out our Top Ten List for August. With only 5.84% together, both shows barely made it into the top 10 for this month.

Insights NBC Shows August 2015:

  • The revenge of “America’s Got Talent” is complete. This month the show ranked 1ST place with amazing 27.46% leaving Jimmy Fallon behind in 2nd place with just 17.76% of traffic share.
  • 21 episodes for August adding to the over 12.000 episodes since its premiere, “Days Of Our Lives” made it in our Top 3 and fell just behind Jimmy Fallon by only 0.35%.
  • “Saturday Night Live” and “Hannibal” – a very unlikely duo - are sharing the same status from last month. Both are maintaining their respective ranks with solid numbers at the middle of our list.
  • Dateline, he longest running prime time show on NBC, made it onto our Top Ten List for August. Nevertheless, the numbers are not as good as they were in July 2015.
  • With only 8 episodes in season 9 “Last Comic Standing” still managed to make our Top Ten List. But it would appear that after the season finale on September 9th, the show will no longer be in the top 10.
  • Since 2011 “American Ninja Warrior” is entertaining the American audience. In August 2015, the show made it barely in our Top Ten, however season 7 is not over yet.
  • Although the last season ended on February 24th 2015, the sitcom “Parks And Recreation” somehow made it in our Top Ten List for August 2015.
  • In July 2015 NBC viewers were believing in Heroes, but this month the opposite sentiment is evident from the series’ rank on our list. With only 2.06% the series “Heroe’s Reborn” hardly made it onto our Top Ten..

Insights CBS Shows August 2015:

  • With no competition in the field, “Big Brother” season 17 is leading our Top Ten List with an unbelievable 57.08% leaving the awad-winning “Big Bang Theory” far, far behind with just 9.10% of traffic share.
  • Season 17 of “The Young And The Restless” started in July 2015 and the show managed to secure 3rd place on CBS with 8.40% of traffic share, close on the heels of the “Big Bang Theory”.
  • The soap opera “The Bold And The Beautiful” managed only to command just 5.11% of traffic share but still managed to claim 4th place in rank on our Top Ten List for August 2015.
  • Special Agent “Gibbs” from NCIS and Agent Gideon from the FBI both managed to claim firm ground on the middle of our CBS Top Then Show List of August 2015. It would appear that law enforcement shows have a huge fan base within CBS.
  • The drama show “Zoo” and the science fiction series “Extant” are showing rather lackluster results, but nonetheless they secure 7th and 8th place, respectively, with only 6.24% of combined traffic share.
  • Outlast is one of the key words of “Survivor”, yet it seems like the show itself might not survive within our Top Ten List. With 2.93% the show hardly made it onto this month’s Top Ten.
  • Taking 7th place last month and 3.34%, of traffic, this month “Under the Dome” closed out our Top Ten list with just 2.20% of traffic though season 3 is still ongoing.

Insights ABC Shows August 2015:

  • Although season 5 hadn’t yet started in August, “The Chew” continues to lead our Top Ten List for ABC. Last month the show crushed all other shows with 63.90%. This month the series is still going strong with 58.11% of traffic share.
  • ABC viewers seems to love Dating-Shows. Last month “The Bachelorette” was ranked 2nd place, while this month “Bachelor in Paradise” is leading at 2nd place with 20.04% of traffic share. “The Bachelorette” dropped to rank 5th with only 2.82% of traffic.
  • Normally there is a huge difference between the results between ranks 3 and 10. However this month all the shows starting from rank three to ten are very closely spaced in terms of traffic share.
  • “General Hospital’s” season 29 started in July 2015 and is showing fair engagement results. Though the numbers are low, the iconic series managed to obtain rank 4th place.
  • “Mistresses” missed a rank within the Top Three only b 0.01%. The current season will end on September 3rd yet it seems that the fan base is not really affected by this.
  • The last season finale of’ Rookie Blue” ended on July 29th., Nevertheless the show’s fans continued to watch and support the show in August.
  • The drama series “The Astronaut’s Wives Club” aired only 10 episodes until it was cancelled by ABC on August 23th. Starting in September, it seems as though the show is unlikely to appear again in our Top Ten List.
  • The new season of “Dancing With The Stars” starts on Fall 2015, and viewers seem to be warming up by watching previous episodes of the show.
  • “The Whispers” manages to improve their numbers from last month, nevertheless in total the series lost one rank as compared to July.
  • “The View” appeared for the first time on the Top Ten Show’s List for ABC. Though the talk show has been around since 1997, they’ve just now managed to snag last place. But after the recent Miss America fiasco where co-host Joy Behar ridiculed a nursing contestant, it is doubtful that the show will appear on next month’s list.

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