By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

September 28, 2015 | 1 min read

Video streaming company Netflix has acknowledged its entry into the mainstream with the creation of the ‘Netflix and Chill’ button.

A new video from the company shows engineers developing the button which dims the lights, activates a mobile device's ‘Do Not Disturb’ features before finally setting the TV to the app, subtly referencing the phrase which has been adopted by the Tinder generation.

Making a play on the phrase, the button is capable of activating the TV set, enabling Netflix and via the internet of things, controlling lighting (compatible with Philips' Hue lighting system).

Netflix has opened up the experimental switch to viewers with a guide informing users how to build their own.

Warning: "Some technical skills are required; if you lack said skills you may just have to settle for ‘Netflixing and Chilling’ the old fashioned way."

Netflix Internet of Things

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