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Twitter implements autoplay on app install videos

Twitter is looking to bolster its position as an app discovery location by implementing autoplay video in its app ads for the first time.

The new video product (Video App Card) looks to help app producers promote their wares on the social network by giving viewers a preview of it in action. The social network believes this feature will help drive higher installation volumes among users on mobile.

Twitter research says that 82 per cent of its users engage with video on site – this figure surges to 90 per cent on mobile, the primary market for the app install ads.

Notably, the videos will feature a call to action, meaning users can be redirected to the install page in a single click.

Lorenzo Rossi, performance marketing manager of chat app LOVOO, said: “We found Video App Card to be one of the most effective ways to give prospective app installers a rich preview of our app experience.

“The Video App Card informs users of what to expect from our application before they download, which has led to higher quality installs, has boosted our retention rate and has increased the lifetime value of installed users.”

Rossi added that the ‘Video App Card’ saw ROI increase of more than ten per cent against other mobile app promotion campaigns the company had run on Twitter.

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