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Debenhams issues witty response after becoming the butt of a bizarre protest

Debenhams responded with humour to a bizarre incident involving a protester glueing her bottom to one a store window display in Croydon.

A partially clothed woman, wearing a sash reading 'world’s grumpiest woman,' glued herself to a Debenhams window in Croydon. Shouting through a microphone, she complained that “there’s nothing on telly”.

While the protest did not appear to be directed at Debenhams, the department store dealt with the incident in a swift statement.

Speaking to the Croydon Guardian, the outlet said: “It is great to hear that customers like our window displays so much that they would like to be part of it. "We can confirm that she will not be a permanent fixture."

Police were called to the scene whereupon the woman reportedly started ranting that police officers did not get enough respect.

While police talked with the woman Debenhams staff attempted to shield the underdressed woman with signs before she took her all-encompassing protest further down the street.

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