With 'Dramaworld, Viki wades in original content waters

Viki, a global TV site in which a community of fans help translate their favorite content into more than 200 languages, today announced that they will wade in the original content waters.

‘Dramaworld’ is a 10-episode comedy-dram that is set in L.A. and Korea and is written in both English and Korean to appeal to Viki’s fan base. It is set to debut in early 2016.

“‘Dramaworld’ is our love letter to drama fans everywhere,” said Viki CEO Tammy H. Nam. “This sort of American/Korean web drama mash-up has never been done; we’re pushing boundaries everywhere, including the international co-production and distribution team from China, Korea and the U.S. We’re very excited to introduce this show to many millions of viewers and hope to break language and culture barriers in the most fun way possible.”

Viki is partnering with China’s Jetavana Entertainment to produce the series. The site is hoping to follow the likes of Hulu and Netflix, successfully straddling between content host and original content producer.

There is no question that Viki has a receptive audience; Dramaworld’s success, then, will boil down to the quality of the show.

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