Adidas showcases top football freestylers in #BeTheDifference final ad

Adidas has released an intense ad showing the freestyle skills of nimble-footed street footballers performing in its #BeTheDifference competition.

The footage, capturing the buzz of the Marseille dockside #BeTheDifferenceWorld Final, saw judges award points to the slickest players using an iPad interface hooked up to giant LED screens.

In 2v2 heats, winners were crowned on the basis of who has the most hype points.

The audience at the pop-up venue saw Jacob Corneliusen outperform other freestylers to be crowned the #BeTheDifference World Champion in a tournament spanning New York, LA, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Chengdu, London, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Milan, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Barcelona.

The tournament comes after the brand united its roster of teams including Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus under one unifying marketing strategy culminating in the #BeTheDifference campaign, which has been created by Iris Worldwide.

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