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John McAfee stresses importance of digital skills in government with Cyber Party presidential push

Cyber security mogul John McAfee has announced he will join the 2016 US presidential race as an independent candidate at the head of his newly created Cyber Party.

Promising to handle 'technology in government, the right way', McAfee made the announcement in a YouTube video claiming "the concept of privacy is fast entering extinction" adding that the US is at danger because the government is populated with "people largely illiterate in cyber-security".

A statement from his newly formed Cyber Party read: “There is a fundamental misunderstanding about the role of technology in the United States. Invading your privacy doesn’t protect your freedom.

“The goal of the Cyber Party is quite simple: we aim to speed up the rate the federal government adopts new technology, without sacrificing American freedom and privacy.”

Just last month, McAfee used his digital sleuthing skills to establish a compelling theory an Avid Life Media staff member was behind the company’s damaging 40GB data leak.

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