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The Drum

Apple TV: Thinkbox reminds Apple 'it's content that makes TV' not technology

A reminder that content makes TV was the message from industry cheerleader Thinkbox in response to the launch of Apple TV.

Following Tim Cook's presentation that included the reveal of 'the future of television' by the technology company, Thinkbox chief executive Lindsay Clay was cautious in her response to the announcement of the new-look Apple streaming box.

"It is nice that Apple wants to join the TV party and if it can offer some exciting tech to enhance experience that will be great. We would simply remind them that content is what makes TV so successful and viewers like very simple functionality when they are in relaxed mode," stated Clay.

Apple TV will support a number of TV streaming services through apps including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and HBO. The App Store will also feature down the line, while the interface has been built to include Siri.

Also revealed during the show was the new iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro.