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The top ten shows on HBO and Showtime in July 2015: Game of Thrones continues to triumph

Despite the fact that Game of Thrones finaled in June, viewers are still catching up on the most current season and past seasons over the summer. Even though Homeland hasn't aired new epsiodes since 2014 it's still doing well on Showtime. Here are the July 2015 Showtime Anytime,, HBO Go and charts and analysis from SimilarWeb.

Showtime Anytime:

  • The premiere of Season 3 of Ray Donovan in July helped propel the popular series to the top of the list, leading our Top Ten list by commanding 24.26% of traffic share.
  • Homeland is still a list-topper, despite the fact that the most recent season aired in 2014. Season 5 starts in October; perhaps fans are revisiting the previous season in preparation for the highly anticipated new season.
  • Penny Dreadful was a fixture on the Top Ten list for June, but traffic share decreased from the previous month, dropping to just 12.65% at 3rd place. But this can likely be attributed to the close of Season 2 at the beginning of this month.
  • The ever-popular “Masters of Sex” grabbed 4th place, thanks to the launch of Season 3 mid-July. It will be interesting to see if the show will continue to ascend the ranks – or at least maintain its current rank - until the end of the current season in September 2015.
  • Season 7 of Nurse Jackie ended in June, signaling the end of the series. The show has subsequently dropped in rank for the Top Ten list in July, but managed to secure middle ground with 11.76% of traffic share.
  • Even though both Shameless (#6) and House Of Lies (#7) most recent seasons ended a few months ago, both shows are still extremely popular as illustrated by their respective rank placement on July’s Top Ten list.
  • Newcomer 3AM is slowly proving its popularity as it managed to claim last place on our Top Ten list.
  • Another newcomer faring well is The Affair. The last season ended in December 2014 but viewers are still watching the new series. As with Homeland, The Affair’s next season will premiere in October 2015.
  • On July 24th Showtime cancelled Happyish, which explains the sudden rank drop for July 2015. Most likely the show will not make next month’s list.

  • This month, Ray Donovan beat out Penny Dreadful for first place (as compared to June’s stats). This can be attributed to the last season of Penny Dreadful ending in June, with the premier of Season 3 for Ray Donovan debuting in July.
  • Masters of Sex skyrocketed up to 2nd place, more than tripling the amount of traffic share from June.
  • A surprising appearance on the July Top Ten list is The L Word, a lesbian and transgender drama which wrapped up filming years ago. While only driving 2.72% of traffic, this is a notable appearance on this list since the show ended in 2009.
  • Despite edging onto the list for June, the reality series Gigolos failed to sustain interest, as the controversial show did not make the Top Ten list for July.


  • Game of Thrones commands more than ¼ of the traffic share, as the popular fantasy series continues to demonstrate a cult-like following amongst viewers. Unsurprisingly, the insanely popular show is leading the fantasy drama genre.
  • Gritty crime drama True Detective grabs 20% of traffic share, jumping to 2nd place from 5th spot last month. Clearly audiences were impressed with its season 2 debut last month, despite receiving more mixed reviews from critics as compared to the first season.
  • Ballers replaces Real Time with Bill Maher’s place on the top 10 list, taking an impressive 8% of traffic. The sports-themed show often features graphic sexual content and has a similar storyline to the hit series Entourage (and is also the brain child of executive producer Mark Wahlberg)

  • Game of Thrones continues to triumph at the top with a slight drop in traffic share that can be attributed to the Season 6 finale last month.
  • Hard Knocks and 7 Days in Hell are our newcomers in July, taking Veep and Entourage’s respective places from last month.
  • Hard Knocks is a reality TV sports documentary which follows a different NFL team in each season, during pre-season training. The show covers both the personal and professional lives of the players, and has proved immensely popular amongst viewers.
  • 7 Days in Hell is a mockumentary starring the likes of comedian Andy Samberg. It delves into the background of two rival professional tennis players and premiered July 11th.

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