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Amazon and GoDaddy now being sued for hosting stolen Ashley Madison data

GoDaddy and Amazon are both internet service providers or ISPs and are being sued for helping to reveal the stolen data

Three anonymous Ashley Madison users are suing Amazon and GoDaddy for allegedly hosting websites that leaked the affair website’s data.

The three claimants argue that by hosting the websites the companies were “intentionally inflicting emotional distress up Ashley Madison users.”

The lawsuit was filed in the Arizona federal court and is calling for $3m in damages and loses. The John Does are also suing the actual operators of websites that allowed the public to search for Ashley Madison users' personal information.

In the complaint the Ashley Madison users argue that it made the stolen data more readily accessible and searchable by the media and curious internet users and the website's “actively distributed it for their own gain.”

Less than two weeks ago Ashley Madison chief executive, Noel Biderman, stepped down which the company said in a statement was “in the best interest of the company and allows us to continue to provide support to our members and dedicated employees.”

The hack was widely covered throughout the media with a number of outlets such as Wired and Australian radio show Nova FM helping suspicious partners find out whether their husband of wife had been a user of the service. The latest lawsuit follows in the wake of a number of other discontent users of the site who are also suing for reasons such as emotional distress and failure to delete users data upon request. However, the Arizona case is the first time a third party has come under fire.

It remains to be seen whether the secret affair website’s brand will be irreparably damaged following the hack last month however its niche service could see users return albeit with trust issues.