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Apple TV moves to hook casual gamers on the big screen

Apple is looking to snap up the casual gaming market with its soon to be unveiled TV streaming platform Apple TV.

The Apple TV device which links to television sets offering access to the App Store and its range of content will look to emulate games consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U, anonymous sources close to the development told the New York Times.

Speaking before Apple’s unveil event Wednesday 9 September in California (where a new iPhone and the Apple TV is touted to appear) the source said that games will be a “primary selling point”

The box is set to be priced at around $150, coming packaged with a graphics chip and a remote suitable for navigating the screen and as a video game controller with a rumoured touchpad and motion sensor. Apple will perhaps utilise its second screens on iPhones and iPads as controllers in a similar fashion to Nintendo’s Wii U.

Looking to position itself as an entertainment centre for TV, movies, music, games and more, the move represents a large pivot for the company.

Further details will be unearthed later this week.

Consumers can expect Apple TV to retail in the US at some point in October 2015.

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