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Ryanair axes garish ‘Chelsea Blue’ uniforms to attract business travellers

Ryanair has toned down the colour scheme of its uniforms, marking latest move to reposition the budget airline as a ‘quality’ service.

Revealed by chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs earlier this week, a more professional “royal blue” tone has replaced the garish “Chelsea blue” previously used while there is barely a hint of the bold yellow colour, which now only appears in the form of a tie for men or neck scarf for women.

The colour scheme of its planes will also embrace the toned down hues with the interior, once entirely yellow (shown above), now set to showcase images of holidaying families or destinations, according to Jacobs.

“The Sky interiors, coupled with the new seat, crew in new uniforms, a healthier menu -- overall, that’s a very, very different flying environment,” he added.

Ryanair has made no secret of its desire to be seen as a brand that offers quality. Last year, in its biggest overhaul to date, plans were put in motion to start making customers happy.

The strategy is similar to that of an Aldi, H&M or Ikea, according to Jacobs, which similarly “started off absolutely focused on cost, then they focused on choice and then they improved the service. That’s the line our brand will go on.”

The seemingly small change to Ryaniar's image is part of wider efforts to take a larger stake in the lucrative business traveller market. So far this has focused on improving the service offering such as introducing an app and mobile boarding passes as well as relaxing cabin baggage allowance and bringing in allocated seating.

The new uniforms will roll out from 1 December.