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September 2, 2015 | 3 min read

The Drum magazine has undergone a refresh as it repositions to concentrate on delivering content around its new strapline: how marketing can change the world.

From today (2 September) the printed edition of The Drum will focus its content around the strapline in order to highlight the impact that the marketing profession can have on society.

As part of the relaunch, The Drum has redesigned its print edition to freshen the look and feel of the publication for years to come.

The Drum’s editor, Stephen Lepitak, said: “We have long been planning to introduce this new look and it’s fantastic to finally see it go live. The idea of how marketing changes the world is one that we believe will excite the sector as we aim to show it, and the world, the importance of the work that marketers do. We know it’s not just about selling stuff, it’s also about altering mindsets and delivering change across just about every walk of life.”

The first edition of the new-look magazine will bear a manifesto explaining what The Drum will attempt to achieve going forward.

A key part of this is the introduction of a new typeface – Marselis – from Monotype, which brings an interesting flair to The Drum's refreshed appearance, and will feature alongside the typeface Avenir Next.

"The design is a geometric sans serif that still manages to be friendly on the eyes," explained Monotype's UK type director Nadine Chahine. "Together, these two typefaces create a balance of design: comfort for the readers’ eyes in long passages of text, and a winsome appeal for the headlines."

The decision to rethink the typeface illustrates The Drum's commitment to typography in print and online, where the new type will also soon be introduced.

"We want to serve our information in the right vessel," added The Drum founder and editor-in-chief Gordon Young. "It adds clarity, pleasure and insight to readers. Even in this digital age type is important and something we will always bang the drum for."

Included in the latest issue is an interview with the 4As chief Nancy Hill, the thoughts of industry leaders on how marketing can change the world, a focus on the most successful adverts to impact society, Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn discussing his creative processes, an exploration of the work being conducted by some agency innovation labs and a look at the methods being used by Hollywood celebrities to connect with their fan base through mobile platforms.

You can buy the new issue from The Drum store.

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