Who are the most engaged TV broadcasters on social media? Brandwatch claims to have found out

The most socially engaged broadcasters have been named, with The Discovery Channel the winner, beating Netflix, BBC One and Fox, according to new research conducted by Brandwatch.

The analytics platform analysed the social media activity of 38 of the world’s largest broadcasting channels to find which was most successful at creating connections with their audiences.

In order to rank the channels, five categories for broadcast social media were analysed to gauge their social successes; social visibility on Twitter, Facebook, news sites and blogs, plus non-social visibility on blogs and news sites, net sentiment, reach growth and social engagement and content.

The Discovery Channel ranked top as a result, with an overall score of 252.98 points out of a potential 500, ahead of Netflix which ranked second with 229.69 points, despite receiving 100 points for social visibility. The top five was rounded out by Adult Swim, CNN and the Food Network respectively.

BBC Two was the most socially savvy UK broadcaster with 186.35 points, placing it in sixth position, ahead of Hulu, Fox, ITV and HGTV in the top 10 positions.

Through the research, Brandwatch discovered that 99 per cent of television network Twitter mentions were earned as opposed to owned with an average day producing 440.53 retweets and 3,391.69 shares on Facebook overall.

Despite being second, Netflix was by a distance the most mentioned broadcaster, followed by Fox with Twitter driving the most conversation, with Tuesday the day proving the most popular day for audience conversation, peaking between 10pm and 11pm.

MTV proved to be the broadcaster who was fastest to reply to social media messages with an average response time of 1.5 minutes from 7,907.56 average daily mentions.

From analysis of 9,890 Facebook posts between 4 July and 23 June it was discovered that 57 per cent included image links which led to 42,746 shares, while 24 per cent included a photo that lead to 22,107 shares. The 17 per cent that included a video were shared 39,547 times.

Melissa King, media sector manager at Brandwatch, commented: “Interestingly, networks like Facebook have the potential to reach a much wider audience than the average tweets. So savvy broadcast channels should consider Facebook to be the best way of spreading more strategic content – such as campaign messages, while Twitter is the best place to generate real-time conversations on their shows with fans.”

Drawing a conclusion around social media use, the research claimed that Twitter produced the most amount of publicly available conversation around broadcasting networks, but added that Facebook pages, with an averge of 7.2 million pages likes, were the 'greatest' outlet for networks.