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Creative Department 19 August Winners featuring DLKW Lowe, Bulter, Shine, Stern & Partners, RTO+P and Adam&EveDDB

The winners of the latest Creative Department have been revealed in the 19 August issue of The Drum.

Check out the top creative work picked by The Drum UK and US readers, our sponsor, Workfront, and this issue's creative director Selina Petosa, executive creative director at Rational.

Creative Director's Choice: Bulter, Shine, Stern & Partners - HTC 'Rally for Michelle'

Selina Petosa, founding principal and executive creative director, Rational

This ad resonates with me. It immediately grabs the attention of the viewer with an upset girl trying to deal with a very relatable situation, and instantly creates an emotional hook.

The positive supporting messages she recieves flash across the screen and they are almost goosebump worthy as you see all the people who love her coming into the spot.

I love this campaign not only for the craftsmanship of the story, but also for the positive message it sends – something advertisers have the ability to do, but which happens far less than it should. It’s a winner for sure.

UK Readers' Favourite: DLKW Lowe - Persil 'Breakdancing Girl'

Fresh from entertaining the crowds at Glastonbury, breakdancing prodigy B Girl Terra has been snapped up by Persil for its latest brand film.

Created by DLKW Lowe, the campaign highlights the brand’s ethos ‘dirt is good’. Terra practises her moves outside in the park, getting increasingly dirty in the process.

At the end of her routine she performs a sustained headspin, spinning her tracksuit clean in the process.

US Readers' Favourite: RTO+P - Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. 'Gentlemen of streetwear feat. Russ Bengston'

RTO+P’s ‘Gentlemen of Streetwear’ online series for Philadelphia-based apparel brand Mitchell & Ness promotes the retailer’s Hi Crown Fitted line of hats.

As part of the series senior editor of Complex Magazine, Russ Bengston, discusses his background, influences and how he got into the streetwear scene.

Sponsor's Choice: Adam&EveDDB - Foster's 'Why the hell not?'

Jada Balster, marketing director EMEA, Workfront

After six years Fosters has decided to ditch the Brad and Dan characters we all know and love, and take a slightly different approach to advertising beer. Yes, it still features cheerleaders and sports but there’s one crucial difference.

The ‘Why the Hell Not’ ad focuses on the can-do attitude of an Aussie rugby fan who wants to become a male cheerleader for all the wrong reasons. The deadpan and lighthearted film uses tongue-in-cheek humour to appeal to all those who have ever dreamed of drinking beer and watching rugby. I love the new spot and look forward to seeing more of what the campaign has to offer.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of our surprisingly limber cheerleading friend.

The Creative Department in the 19 August issue also features SomeOne's work for Cancer Research UK and Adam&EveDDB's latest campaign for Marmite. The 19 August issue is available to purchase now from The Drum Store.

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