By Tony Connelly, Journalist

August 17, 2015 | 2 min read

Apple is pushing its music streaming service with a trio of new ads designed to highlight its use as a tool for finding new bands and artists.

The three ads showcase some rising stars in the music industry including pianist Kygo, British singer Flo Morrissey, and James Bay playing an acoustic guitar. Each of the 30-second long artist ads features Apple’s now trademark minimalist backdrop and are shot in black and white.

There is also an emphasis on Apple Music's extensive library; each of the three clips closes with the caption “All the artist you love and are about to love. All in one place”. The campaign aims to put itself above rivals like Spotify who do not have exclusive artists or albums.

The discovery aspect of Apple Music is summed up in a 60 second long ad which features a voice over say “To have access to nearly all the music in the world at our fingertips is remarkable," the voice states. "And yet, there needs to be a place where artists and fans can discover one another." Apple Music bills itself as that place, one that brings you "the artists you love," as well as "the artists you're about to love."

The ad also says that Apple Music is “powered by people who live and breathe music”, highlighting the human element of its service such as Apple radio and the curated playlists and suggestions. Apple argues that it has a more human experience compared to rivals like Spotify which use algorithms to suggest new users.

Spotify has been trying to engage and attract listeners in a similar way with its “Discover Weekly” playlist, which offers a custom playlist to each user every Monday. Apple Music will hope that its larger library and focus on helping users to discover new tunes will make it appear more engaging.

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