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Angry Birds hits 30m downloads with a third of players from China

Angry Birds 2 has surpassed 30m downloads in under two weeks as the game proves to be more popular than ever on iOS and Android smartphones.

The latest entry from developer Rovio’s flagship franchise was released on 30 July. It has since accumulated over 30m downloads across all platforms.

The company also stated that a full third of downloads originated in China’s booming mobile market.

A statement from Rovio read: “What a great start to the Angry Birds 2 journey! But keep those slingshots well waxed and in good working order. The adventure on Piggy Island is just getting started, and exciting surprises await around the corner.”

Showing the growth in mobile gaming, the original Angry Birds (released December 2009) took nine months to amass 20m downloads (opposed to Angry Birds 2’s two weeks).

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