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The top ten shows on HBO and Showtime in June 2015


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

August 11, 2015 | 6 min read

Found Remote looked at the top shows on Showtime Anytime and HBO Go in addition to the premium channel's main websites and in June 2015. Not surprisingly, with HBO's big finale of Game of Thrones, the show topped the charts. Interestingly on Dexter sparked lots of interest even though the show ended in 2014. Here are the charts and analysis from SimilarWeb.

HBO Go SimilarWeb

HBO Go SimilarWeb

Top Streamed Shows on HBO Go ( in June 2015:

  • June was a busy month on HBO Go. The online streaming service is free for HBO’s cable and satellite TV subscribers who can watch shows on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. HBO Go’s Top 10 shows last month accounted for 58.36% of all traffic last month.
  • After Game of Thrones aired its Season 6 finale on June 14, 2015, it appears that the fans binged on the show’s episodes in June. GoT secured 72.78% of online traffic for the Top 10 shows, and a phenomenal 42.5% of all HBO Go’s online traffic for the month.
  • HBO’s second-most popular show is Season 2 of the gritty police drama True Detective. The show stars Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams as a detectives in Los Angeles-area suburbs, with Taylor Kitsch as a California Highway Patrol officer, and Vince Vaughn as a down-on-his-luck entrepreneur with a tough criminal persona.
  • While GoT led the network, seven of the Top 10 shows on HBO Go last month were comedies. This includes Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the Season 2 of nerdy comedy Silicon Valley, Real Time with Bill Maher, Entourage and Veep.
  • Two shows that premiered in June seem to be doing well. This includes Ballers with Dwayne Johnson who stars as a heavily concussed retired NFL star working as a financial manager for professional athletes in Miami. Another comedy, The Brink, stars Jack Black as a U.S. foreign service officer in Pakistan who becomes a hapless CIA officer.
  • HBO’s investigative news show Vice rounded out last month’s Top 10 list as HBO Go’s eighth most popular program.

Top Shows on HBO ( in June 2015:

  • The Top 10 shows on the network’s main website,, brought in just 16.11% of all traffic to in June 2015.
  • There are two main differences between the website traffic for HBO Go and HBO.
  • First, people were going to HBO’s main site to get more information about two older, hard-edged crime shows, The Wire and The Sopranos. This meant that HBO’s two newest comedies, Ballers and The Brink, didn’t make HBO’s Top 10 list.
  • Next, the Hollywood dramedy Entourage had more than half of the traffic that GoT secured on

Top Streamed Shows on Showtime Anytime ( in June 2015:

  • The Top 10 series on Showtime’s streaming service drew about 16.42% of the network’s online viewers in June, more than 3.5 times less traffic than what HBO Go’s top streaming shows received.
  • Dark shows have a strong following on Showtime Anytime’s streaming service. The second season of Victorian psychological thriller Penny Dreadful drew about 29% of the premium network’s Web traffic in June.
  • Black comedies Nurse Jackie, Shameless and Happyish were Showtime’s 2nd, 3rd, and 6th most streamed shows last month.
  • Two gritty dramas, Homeland and Ray Donovan, were the 4th and 5th most streamed shows on the network. Homeland fans are preparing themselves for Season 5 which airs on October 4th, while Season 3 of Ray Donovan launched in June.
  • Intimate escapades in Season 3 of Masters of Sex continue to draw strong traffic, placing it 7th on Showtime Anytime’s Top 10 list for last month.
  • Cannabis dramedy Weeds with Mary-Louise Parker ended three years ago, but that didn’t stop it from making 8th place on the streaming service last month. House of Lies starring Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell secured 9th place on the list. The show’s fourth season ended in March.
  • Tenth place went to Showtime’s gritty New York City documentary series 3AM that premiered this spring. It chronicles the lives of New Yorkers who work the early morning hours in their chosen professions.

Top Shows on Showtime ( in June 2015:

  • The Top 10 shows on the network’s non-streaming website accounted for 31.44% of all incoming traffic to in June 2015.
  • Interest in Dexter, the edgy serial killer drama starring Michael C. Hall, remained high, even though the series ended in 2013.
  • In addition to six of the Top 10 most popular shows on the Showtime Anytime list, visitors were drawn to three highly sexually charged programs: Californication, The Affair, and Gigolos.

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