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Grey London: Lucozade 'Find your flow'

Brand: Lucozade

Title(s): Find your flow

Agency: Grey London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Wright

Creative: Theo Bayani, Miguel Gonzalez

Additional Credits: Managing Partner: Eleni Sarla

Account Director: Sarah Jones

Planner: Holly Clancey, Matt Tanter

TV Producer: Emma Fasson

Creative Production: Freya Thompson

Film Production: Park Pictures

Director: Nathan Price

Producer: Ben Croker

Photography: Justin Brown

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Post Production: MPC

Sound Design: Jack Sedgwick @ Wave

Music Production: Adelphoi

Media Agency: Mediacom

Short Rationale: Grey London has launched a new campaign for Lucozade with the 60-second spot 'Find your flow'.

The ad positions Lucozade as helping individuals sync into their daily rhythm, breaking from the perception of a sports drink or hangover cure, making it seem like a part of an everyday routine.

To illustrate the concept, Grey London uses style and humour from librarians shelving books with incredible accuracy to a woman fixing a tyre whilst driving.

Cheil Worldwide: Samsung '#RideFor'

Brand: Samsung

Title(s): #RideFor

Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Agency website:

Creative Director: Yeongkuk Kwon

Art Director: Zonguk Han, Jasper Cho, Sunghoon Min

Copywriter: Yongjun Jung, Solmi Park

Additional Credits: Head of Experience Marketing Group: Eunsook Koh

Senior Account Director/Team Leader: Koeun In

Senior Account Manager: Soyoun Yim, Monica Park

Account Executive: Jake Hwang, Jinyong Park

Film Production: Stink Productions, London

Published: August 2015

Short Rationale: Samsung Galaxy #RideFor campaign is a hashtag campaign that consumers can share what they #RideFor on their social media and explore who else rides for the same reason.

Every rider has a reason. Not only pro cyclists, who #RideFor their team, but also people who do it for their health, some for good times with friends and even because they like the style. Share your reason and be a part of the global conversation.

And with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, along with the S5 and Note 4, consumers can experience the enhanced S Health when they cycle.

The Leith Agency: 30th Birthday 'The Weeping Seaman'

Brand: The Weeping Seaman

Title(s): The Weeping Seaman hot sauce

Agency: The Leith Agency, Edinburgh, UK

Agency website:

Art Director: Jim Swan

Copywriter: Sam Muir

Illustrator: Iain Winning

Additional credits: Designer: Scott Henderson

Published: July 2015

Short rationale (optional): The Leith Agency is celebrating its 30th birthday by creating a small batch hot sauce using one of the hottest chillies in the world.

The Edinburgh-based agency has previously created its own record label and beer brand, and wanted to mark its 30th year with another product that reflects its bold and ballsy attitude.

The hand-crafted hot sauce has been made using the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli, and is hot enough to make even the hardiest of sea dogs howl like a puppy. Created alongside Spice of Fife, one of the leading chilli product manufacturers in Scotland, The Weeping Seaman’s nautical name and branding has been inspired by the docks of Edinburgh, where The Leith Agency was born and raised. All profits will also be donated to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Iris Worldwide: Johnnie Walker Blue Label '360 Mentoring'

Brand: Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Title(s): 360 Mentoring

Agency: Iris Worldwide

Agency website:

Creative Director: Grant Hunter, Jonathan Cockett

Art Director: Nicolas Mollien

DOP: Jelle van der Does

Additional Credits: Director: Tom Rijpert

Digital Production: MediaMonks

Post Production: MediaMonks

Head of Art: Shawn Foo

Senior Account Manager: Cheryl Chan

Business Director: Christine Mills

Global Marketing Manager: Sabrina Viegas

Innovation Director: Cleo Smeeth

Project Manager: Kristina Knight

Director: Vincent van der Wetering

Executive Digital Producer: Bas Muller

Executive Film Producer: Noor van geloven

Digital Producer: Thomas Smit

Post Production Lead: Aljen Hoekstra

Composer: Simon Little / Room24

Published: August 2015

Elmwood: Heineken 'Tecate branding'

Brand: Heineken

Title(s): Tecate branding

Agency: Elmwood

Agency website:

Global Provocation Director: Greg Taylor

Senior Designer: Oli Mason

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Global brand design consultancy, Elmwood, has reinvigorated Tecate, Heineken’s biggest Mexican beer brand, with its latest design for another world-class client.

Implicitly tied up in the notion of masculinity, the brand and its point of view had aged with its loyal consumers. Tecate needed to engage with a younger generation of men and women with evolving attitudes. The brand needed to find new ways to lead the masculine conversation without alienating its loyal consumer base.

Elmwood’s extensive immersion uncovered deep insight into shifting Mexican cultural values and expressions of masculinity. It revealed an optimism, proud patriotism and desire for positive change that has the younger generation feeling energised and proud to be Mexican.

ITV Creative: The X Factor 'The X Factor Returns'

The X Factor - ITV from Envy Post Production on Vimeo.

Brand: The X Factor

Title(s): The X Factor returns

Agency: ITV Creative

Agency website:

Additional Credits: Director: Stephen Pipes

Producer: Cressida Ranfield

Post Production: Envy Advertising

Grading: Vicki Matich

Audio: Arge

Flame: Eileen Chan

Producer: Sian Hagan

VFX: Mainframe

Published: August 2015

Short Rationale: Encouraging viewers to expect the unexpected, the spot takes us inside the Secret X-Factor Underground Base and gives us a first glimpse of this year’s new hosts and judges.

The new judges – Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora – are put through their judging paces at the secret headquarters.

Grimshaw is fitted with a dated micro-chip in the Judge Upgrade Room, only to discover that he’s been set up with the voice of last year’s judge, Louis Walsh, whilst the modest Ora cannot help but compliment herself as she goes through Contestant Feedback Training.

Familiar faces also return in the Chez-bot Holding Bay, where Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been turned onto an army of emotionally programmed robots, and the Superstar Scanner, in which Simon Cowell announces he’s already discovered this year’s winning group; his pet dogs Squiddly and Diddly.

Even Louis Walsh, draped in a brown overcoat as he sweeps the floor, makes a cameo appearance, suggesting he’ll be making a return to the show despite rumours that he’s been axed.

DLKW Lowe: MicroLoan Foundation 'Buy a poster. Build a business'

Brand: MicroLoan Foundation

Title(s): Buy a poster. Build a business

Agency: DLKW Lowe

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Dave Henderson

Executive Creative Director: Richard Denney

Creative Team: Lovisa Silburn, Amber Casey

Additional Credits: Planner: Marie Agudera

Account Team: Sophie Arnett, Jess Bird

Agency Producers: Lisa Tuck, Rowena Houghton

Media Agency: Total Media

Designers: Catrina Howard, Augusta Lindquist, Bernt Nota, Javier Leal-Olivas

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Two hundred posters are appearing on the London Underground today, all of which have been purchased by female entrepreneurs and woman-led start-ups in the UK, to support MicroLoan Foundation – the charity that enables women in Malawi and Zambia to work their way out of poverty.

In a twist on the traditional charity advertising, rather than advertise themselves, MicroLoan has sold the 200 ad sites, kindly donated by JCDecaux and Total Media, to female entrepreneurs and woman led start-ups in the UK. The money raised from selling the poster sites will help to empower women in rural Malawi and Zambia to start their own businesses with loans from MicroLoan Foundation. The profits from these businesses allow them to pay back their loans and lift their families out of poverty, paying for vital food, education and shelter. Each UK business taking part has had a unique poster designed by advertising agency DLKW Lowe.

Female-led companies have taken advantage of the opportunity to promote their business whilst simultaneously supporting entrepreneurial women in rural Africa. A total of 82 companies, ranging from osteopaths to sweetshops, burger bars to recruiters, have participated. With a minimum donation of £100 per location, the campaign is in the unique position of having already raised £20,000 for Microloan Foundation before the posters go live.

Lost Boys: Honda 'Perfectly in its place'

Brand: Honda

Title(s): Perfectly in its place

Agency: Lost Boys

Agency website:

Creative Director: Gavin Gordon-Rogers, Gemma Butler

Art Director: Luke Crawford

Copywriter: Jenny Hughes

Planner: Harry Pugsley

Additional Credits: Client Services: Sarah Watts

Agency Producer: Kyson East, Nikki Godley

Production Company: Passion Pictures

Producer: Stephanie Zari at Passion Pictures

Director: Cassidy Burcher

Set Design: Blair Barnette

Media Agency: Starcom

Published: August 2015Short Rationale: Honda has announced the launch of a teaser campaign for its new HR-V model, which will go on sale across Europe later in 2015. The campaign was created in collaboration with social and content agency Lost Boys.

The campaign, which will run across all markets in the EMEA region, aims to create buzz around the launch of the HR-V and drive sign-ups via a dedicated HR-V landing page created by global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi.

The campaign targets a dual audience of young families and ‘empty nesters’, aiming to showcase the HR-V’s beautiful design and spacious interior and to demonstrate that it’s made to fit their lifestyle.

Honda and Lost Boys have collaborated to create a short film featuring a man in a cluttered and untidy garage, which he cleverly transforms with enough space to fit the HR-V. The 60-second film, which features the endline ‘Everything perfectly in its place’, reflects the HR-V’s cleverly-designed space and ability to fit around the owner’s lifestyle.

The film was shot by up-and-coming director Cassidy Burcher and produced by Passion Pictures, with set design by Blair Barnette.

The film, along with a series of 15 second ‘instavids’ and behind-the-scenes content, will be distributed via social channels, with paid activity managed by media agency Starcom. Viewers will be driven to the HR-V’s dedicated pre-registration landing page.

The HR-V’s European launch will be supported by a through-the-line campaign by creative communications agency mcgarrybowen.

Bristol Design: Bristol 2015 'Sustainable Shuan'

Brand: Bristol 2015

Title(s): Sustainable Shuan

Agency: Bristol Design, Bristol City Council

Agency website:

Production and installation: Colour Studios

Creative Director: Ben Whitwell

Art Director: Julian Abbott

Published: July 2015

Short rationale (optional): The Sustainable Shaun game is part of Bristol’s Green Capital schools programme which will be shared nationally later this year and features Bristol 2015 Ambassador, Shaun the Sheep, currently the star of the Shaun in the City charity arts trail.

The game, designed by Bristol 2015 and created by Aardman, is free to play and challenges young people to build their own sustainable city by balancing five themes: food, nature, energy, transport and resources. It inspires children to think about green issues and in doing so, create a Green Capital legacy for future generations.

Clinic: Umbro 'Forever Leather. Forever Speciali'

Brand: Umbro

Title(s): Forever Leather. Forever Speciali

Agency: Clinic, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Andy Hunns

Art Director: Steve Pigott

Film-maker: Brownie Productions (Madrid)

Edit/Post Production: Stripey Horse

Client Team: Paul Nugent, Helene Hope, Paulo Araujo

Additional Credits: Creative Team at Clinic: Ed Chandler, Rhys Cunningham, Lucy Sanderson

Account Management: Joanna Smith, Stephanie Fox

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Clinic created a film in collaboration with Umbro for the launch of the Speciali Eternal football boots, a re-issue of the iconic Speciali boots first launched in the 90s.

The film is an unexpected and surprising choice for a boot launch, featuring an intimate and emotional conversation between world-class footballer Pepe and his father about his humble childhood in Brazil and the sacrifices his family made to buy him his first ever pair of Umbro Speciali football boots.

The honest, authentic and emotional approach to the film concept is a refreshing addition to the world of football advertising, where star players are often used in campaigns lacking in emotional depth and authenticity.

Pepe and his father required no script for the film, a decision made deliberately to allow the sincerity and warmth of their conversation shine through on film.

Hills Design: Tonda Terra 'The Italian Design Job'

Brand: Tonda Terra

Title(s): The Italian Design Job

Agency: Hills Design, Gloucestershire, UK

Agency website:

Published: July 2015

Short rationale (optional): The founder of the company, Angelo, is extremely passionate about food, with its quality and origin of paramount importance.

Hills Design was brought in from the very start to turn his passion and eye for great tasting food into a tangible brand – coming up with the name, creating the identity and designing the packaging for the first five products along with marketing material. A landing page with carosel was created that will expand as the range grows.

Cubo: Betfair 'More To Play For'

Betfair - more to play for from Cubo Group on Vimeo.

Brand: Betfair 

Title(s): More To Play For

Agency: Cubo, London, England 

Agency website:

Creative Director: Trevor Chambers

Art Director: Ben Stafford

Copywriter: Andrew Howarth

Photographer: Stuart Bentley

Published: August 2015

Short rationale (optional): Betfair, one of the world’s largest international online sports betting providers, launches its “More To Play For” campaign. The integrated, multi-media campaign, created by creative agency Cubo, kicks off on Saturday, 8th August and will run throughout the 2015/2016 football season. “More To Play For” marks the first time Betfair has dedicated an above-the-line campaign to the beautiful game.

The campaign has been designed to resonate with football bettors, while distinguishing Betfair from its competitors, by bringing to life the genuine excitement and anticipation of match day. The ads feature vignettes of real-life match day experiences and highlight the emotional involvement of football bettors and fans, a first in the category. The work was created by Cubo’s Creative Director, Trevor Chambers and planning by Cubo’s Chris Walmsley.

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