By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

August 10, 2015 | 1 min read

Foxtel has caused an upset by choosing to air an advert opposing same sex marriage.

The 30 second TV commercial (shown above) was paid for by the Marriage Alliance. It was first rejected by Channels Ten and Seven.

The Pay TV channel was inundated with criticism on its social media channels, with a substantial number of individuals threatening to cancel their subscription.

Notably, a number of the cord-cutters stated their preference for Netflix.

A Foxtel spokesperson told the Guardian that the broadcaster was aware that the ad “caused hurt and distress to some customers”.

Adding: “We believe this debate should be won by the force of the argument in favour of reform, not by refusing to engage in debate or allow contrary opinion to be put.”

The ad ran with the tagline “It’s not as simple as you think” and claimed that same-sex marriage involves more than just the wedded couples.

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