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Kit Kat invites confectionary fans to ‘create your break’ for 80th anniversary

Chocolate brand Kit Kat has alighted on a tasty means of marking its 80th anniversary by opening a stall in Australia offering customers the chance to take a break and customise the iconic wafers to their own liking before being invited to share their creations on Instagram.

Located in Sydney’s Westfield shopping centre the Kit Kat studio offers up a selection of special edition treats created in partnership with pastry chef Anna Polyviou whose concoctions include a ‘caramelised Anna’ biscuit incorporating sea salt, candy popcorn and yellow graffiti.

Speaking to good food Polyviou said: “It's a bit difficult –- how to incorporate the flavours and all that, and I think once you get the hang of it it's quite good, it's quite interesting to see the wafer working with the chocolate.”

Creative types seeking to build their own versions have a wealth of ingredients to choose from including rose petals, dried mango and roasted hazelnuts, the resulting bars are even presented in their own unique box.

For the less adventurous a range of pre-made samples will be on sale through to 30 August such as honeycomb and espresso cookie and mixed berry mascarpone cheesecake.