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London tops New York & Paris in Google city searches

London has been crowned the most Googled city in the world after research conducted into the popular search provider by the city’s own PR firm, which found that the British capital is the most searched for city in the world by tourists seeking places to visit.

London & Partners found that this success has been driven by the popularity of London’s museums with the Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and the British Museum taking first, second and third spots respectively.

The British triumvirate saw off international contenders such as The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, which were edged into fourth and fifth position.

London mayor Boris Johnson said: "London is without a doubt the cultural capital of the world. Tourists are flocking to our great city in ever-increasing numbers, drawn by our exceptional cultural attractions and landmarks. Our world-famous museums, galleries, theatres and performance venues have done a terrific job creating and attracting the blockbuster exhibitions and events that form this spectacular Autumn Season of Culture in London. If you are planning to travel in the months ahead, London is a city not to be missed."

In 2014/15 London’s museums and galleries welcomed a 17.9m overseas visitors, representing 57 per cent of the 31.5m visitors received in that time.