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An interview with FX SVP of Digital, Jason Phipps on their new emojis

Emojis, like animated GIFs have made a major comeback in recent years as the nature in which we communicate across social platforms becomes more fun and informal. TV networks have recognized that joining the emoji culture is a great way to give uber fans an opportunity to easily turn their favorite characters and moments into text-able emotions. Comedy Central created emojis for Broad City and now FX Networks is taking TV emojis to the next level by creating them for all the shows across their network.

The emojis which are available for iOS and Android are described as followed by FX:

The new FX Emoji App features iconic images from your favorite FX and FXX shows, including Archer, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Strain, Man Seeking Woman and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

In addition to the dozens of emojis in the current library, the FX Emoji App will be constantly adding new, fun emoji keyboards inspired by the latest seasons of FX and FXX’s original series.

Found Remote interviewed FX Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Jason Phipps about the emojis.

Found Remote: Why are emojis important for TV?

Jason Phipps: With emojis a person can quickly convey their feelings or position on a topic, and with multiple emojis a person can tell an entire story in a completely new language and medium. When fans watch a television show, they often discuss it with their friends and family in real-time or immediately after the episode. We have seen fans use emoji to show their passion for our shows and their favorite characters.

Providing fans with iconic imagery from some of FX and FXX’s most loved programming takes those conversations further while integrating our programming into everyday conversations, each one completely unique.

It provides a way for fans to share their passion for their favorite show and an organic way to introduce new fans to our FX and FXX programming.

FR: Why did you create this?

JP: With the popularity and evolution of emojis as a universal visual language, we felt it was a natural progression to engage with our fans in the way they communicate personally, at work and via social networks.

FR: Who did you work with to build it?

JP: The emojis were designed and produced in-house and the development was performed by Blitz Agency.

FR: What kind of KPIs will you be looking for?

JP: Downloads will be a key KPI, but ongoing engagement is important for us. We will also look to see how and where the emojis are used, which will help us as we develop new features. We will continue to find new ways for fans to engage with us using FX Emojis.

FR: What's your favorite emoji and why?

JP: We are fans of all our emojis, the Man Seeking Women icons sourced directly from the show are especially unique, as many of them are animated. Also, The Strain, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, and a number of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia icons are hand-drawn, giving attention to the smallest detail. With FX Emojis, fans have the opportunity to communicate with artwork that truly represents each show.

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