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Creative Department 5 August Winners featuring DLKW Lowe, AMV BBDO, Adam&EveDDB and 180LA

The winners of the latest Creative Department have been revealed in the 5 August issue of The Drum.

Check out the top creative work picked by The Drum UK and US readers, our sponsor, Workfront, and this issue's creative director Alex Kemp, creative director, Kameleon.

Creative Director's Choice: Adam&EveDDB - Harvey Nichols 'Love Freebies'

Alex Kemp, creative director, Kameleon

This is one of my favourite campaigns of the year so far. The upcycling of the CCTV footage, giving it new life is awesome. I found myself captivated by these dumb shoplifting characters, and I wanted to see how each storyline would play out. I also like the animation style – it really captures each character in a playful way. The little smiles and raised eyebrows are brilliantly confident. The music and sound design stands out too; the grimey soundtrack from Wiley gives it a dirty music video quality.

UK Readers' Favourite: DLKW Lowe - Sure '#TubeStrike'

Sure capitalised on London’s biggest tube strike in over a decade with a tactical campaign by DLKW Lowe reassuring Londoners that even though the tube had stopped, they didn’t have to. The three iterations appeared across the capital during the strike to promote the anti-perspirant brand.

US Readers' Favourite: 180LA - HP 'Jane'

HP’s latest campaign ‘Jane’ invites viewers to invest in the brand’s workstation, and prompts adults to pick up their long abandoned creative pursuits. Set to the sound of ‘The Logical Song’, the advert tells the story of a little girl who is content focusing on her artistic endeavours before life gets in the way.

Sponsor's Choice: AMV BBDO - The National Lottery 'Please Not Them'

Jada Balster, marketing director EMEA, Workfront

We had a good laugh in the office about this tongue-in-cheek campaign, which follows some of the most irritating celebrities fantasising about what they would do if they won the lottery.

Our favourite has to be Piers Morgan’s spot, in which he outlines his plans to build a family attraction called ‘Piers’ Pier’. This series definitely appeals to the British sense of humour, and social media predictably did its thing with some viewers starting online movements to encourage the spoof projects.

Whether these plots come together or not demonstrates the age-old wisdom that someone has to win. Another entertaining campaign by AMV BBDO.

The 5 August Creative Department also features work from Creative Forager, XXS Amsterdam and 18 Feet & Rising and is available to purchase now from The Drum Store.

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