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August 3, 2015 | 22 min read

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Adam&EveDDB: Marmite 'Summer of Love/Summer of Hate'

Brand: Marmite

Title(s): Summer of Love/Summer of Hate

Agency: Adam&EveDDB

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest

Executive Creative Director: Ben Tollett

Art Director: Frank Ginger

Copywriter: Shay Reading

Additional Credits: Business Director: Dylan Davenport

Account Manager: Olivia Chittenden

Planner: Will Grundy

Producer: Daniel Moorey

Production company: Big Active

Soundtrack composer: Menlo Park Music

Animation: Andy Baker

Illustrator: Jim Stoten

Audio post-production: Menlo Park Music

PR Agencies: Clarion and W Communications

Media Agency: Mindshare

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Marmite, the iconic British brand from Unilever UK, is set to roll out an integrated advertising campaign including a limited edition summer spread, available to buy until September.

‘The Summer of Love Not Hate' campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, takes design inspiration from Woodstock summer of love in 1967 and aims to encourage the nation to spread the love this summer.

The campaign will include an animated online film featuring a music battle between a colourful kitten and a crazed rock monster vying for supremacy over the new summer jars. The film will be available to watch on YouTube and Facebook. More Summer of Love and Hate characters can be seen on three paradoxical outdoor poster pairs in the London underground.

In addition to the advertising campaign, Marmite is launching a Marmite Love Café - the world’s first ‘payment by social sentiment’ restaurant, open to consumers on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 August. The aim of the Marmite Love Café is to reward those who are lovers not haters.

TOAD: War Child UK 'Duty of Care: Protecting children in war'

Brand: War Child UK

Title(s): Duty of Care: Protecting children in war

Agency: TOAD

Agency website:

Creative Director: Guy Davidson, Daniel Clarke, Heydon Prowse

Additional Credits: Production company: Mother’s Best Child

Director: Daniel Lucchesi

Co-Director: Heydon Prowse

Editor: Elliot Windsor

Producer: Heydon Prowse and Guy Davidson

Post Production Coordinator: John Thompson

SFX Producer: Andy Ryder

Colourist: Jack McGinity (Time Based Arts)

Post production: H&O, Ogilvy One

Audio: Liam Conwell

Music: Jamie Perera

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: The HELP campaign has been launched with an innovative, thought-provoking video, ‘Duty of Care: Protecting Children in War’, which subverts first-person shooting games by showing the horror of war through the eyes of Nima, a nine-year-old girl. The scenarios in the gaming-style video, including witnessing the shooting of a parent, are drawn from real-life testimonies of children in War Child’s projects across Africa and the Middle East.

Here Design: Thomas Dakin 'Packing and design'

Brand: Thomas Dakin

Title: Packing and design

Agency: Here Design

Agency Website:

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Here Design has created the identity and packaging for Thomas Dakin Gin, a new juniper-led, classic-style, small batch gin with zesty notes of sweet orange and fresh citrus and enlivened by red cole (the traditional name for horseradish), used in the pioneer’s original gin recipe over 250 years ago.

The challenge was to develop an artisanal gin brand that leveraged the unique 250 year distilling heritage of Thomas Dakin, the forefather and pioneer of high quality, premium gin. We had to find the visual and verbal language that established Thomas Dakin as the true, no-nonsense pioneer of gin he was. Our task was to convey the very masculine, straight-talking nature of Thomas Dakin, contrasted with the effete connotations of much Southern-oriented gin drinking, whilst elevating the making processes and unique botanicals used in the 250 year old recipe.

Chris and Siân Wilkins/Isobar: GoCompare 'He’s Back'

Brand: GoCompare

Title(s): He’s Back

Agency: Chris and Siân Wilkins/Isobar

Agency website:

Additional Credits: Advert production - PI Film Network
Director: Graham Rose

Director of photography: Clive Tickner

Post production: Moving Picture Company

Music production: Yellow Boat Music / Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir

Media planning: Carat
AV / Broadcast

Planning and media buying: Amplifi

Digital planning and delivery: iProspect

Outdoor specialist: Posterscope

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Isobar, Carat and Iprospect launch an integrated campaign for GoCompare called ‘He’s Back’.

The Dentsu Aegis Network agencies are handling digital creative, out of home, media planning and buying and performance for the campaign, which sees the return of opera-singing character Gio Compario and focuses on the scale and impact of Go Compare’s service for customers.

The TV work and campaign concept were originated by Go Compare’s in-house creative team, Chris and Siân Wilkins.

Affinity: Prozym Dental Sticks 'Kissably clean'

Brand: Prozym Dental Sticks

Title: Kissably clean

Agency: Affinity, Sydney, Australia

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Marcus Tesoriero

Copywriter: Marcus Tesoriero

Additional Credits: Senior Art Director: Charles Grant

Head of Digital: Mark Clayton

Group Account Director: Cheyne Oxford

Account Director: Annalise McDonnell

Photographer: Andreas Bommert

Designer: Carlie Smith

Director of Strategy: Angela Smith

Business Executive: Thomas Smyth

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Research shows that if humans are suffering the effects of bad dog breath then their four-legged friends may be showing the first signs of periodontal disease, which affects 80% of dogs over three years old.

Affinity turned the negative of bad dog breath into a positive for owners who treat their pooch with Prozym Dental Sticks by capturing the fun moments when canines and humans show affection for each other with those awkward licks on the face, lips and even mouth. The tagline reads 'Fresh breath. As tested on humans'.

Award winning photographer Andreas Bommert captured three of those special up close and personal moments between owners and man’s best friend for the campaign.

Adam&EveDDB: Foster’s 'Why the hell not?'

Brand: Foster’s

Title(s): Why the hell not?

Agency: Adam&EveDDB

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest

Executive Creative Director: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim

Creative Director: Ben Priest

Creative: Ben Stilitz, Colin Booth

Additional Credits: Planner: Toby Harrison

Media agency: Starcom Mediavest

Media planner: Rebecca Hotston

Production Company: Glue Society

Director: Gary Freedman

Post-production: The Mill

Audio post-production: Wave Studios

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Following the hugely successful Good Call campaign featuring Brad and Dan, the new campaign is inspired by the famous ‘can do’ Aussie ingenuity and attitude to life.

‘Why The Hell Not?’ represents a marked shift in brand strategy for Foster’s, replacing Brad and Dan’s ‘no worries’ advice with a more proactive approach, encouraging audiences to ‘give life a go’.

The first instalment of the campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, features a character who exemplifies that ‘can do’ attitude and defies the cynics to become Australia’s first male rugby cheerleader.

The advert will premiere on Friday 24 July during Channel 4’s Eight Out of 10 Cats and across social channels with the supporting hashtag #whythehellnot. Further extended content illustrating the hero’s ‘can-do’ nature will also be available on social media.

Mr B & Friends: Azzurri 'New brand'

Brand: Azzurri

Title(s): New brand

Agency: Mr B & Friends, Bath, UK

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Steve Richardson

Copywriter: Ben Steiner, Harriet Whitehorn

Illustrator: Mauco Sosa

Additional Credits: Brand Strategist: Simon Barbato

Design Director: Sheena Mistry

Designer: Tom Shenton, Nick Raven

Retouching and artwork: Zona Lewin

Account Management: Clare Ridley

Published: July 2015Short Rationale: Brand consultancy Mr B & Friends have completed a repositioning and rebranding programme for Azzurri Communications, the £100 million technology, communications and managed services company.

Under the unifying brand proposition, 'Beyond expectation', the agency has executed a brand positioning and corporate identity strategy that engages Azzurri's internal and external audiences.

It has also created a new visual and verbal style that will be applied to interiors, website, social media channels and all external and internal communications.

101: Avios 'Do More'

Brand: Avios

Title(s): Do More

Agency: 101

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mark Elwood, Augusto Sola

Creative: Tim Donald, Misha Newby, Aurora Straton

Designer: Dave Allen

Photographer: Marco Walker

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Mat Dobson, Jack Waters

Account Management: Georgie King, Amy Lavington

Planner: Joe Smith

Film Production Company: Believe

Director: Georgie King & Amy Lavington

Producer: Georgie King & Amy Lavington

DoP: Maciek Sobieraj

Edit House: Televisor

Editor: Andrzej Juraszczyk

Post House: Televisor

Post Producer: Renata Kowzan, Łukasz Matkowski

Colourist: Renata Kowzan/Łukasz Matkowski

Flame Operator: Łukasz Omasta, Wojtek Światek, Przemek Słabiak

Music: Pete Diggens

Digital Production Company: Rehab

Managing Partner: Michael Veitch

Creative Director: Jordan Fisher

Head of Development: Josh Noble

Producer: Gui Guimaraes

Designer: Gus Webster

Technical Manager: Peter McConnell

Back End Developer: Steven McCullagh

Front End Development: Neil McCallion, Eoghan O'Keeffe, Mickael Silveira, Roberto Cascavilla, Daniel Skelton

QA Management & Testing: John Lavery, Tom Creed & Ciara Luke

Media: Carat

Client Director: Michael Cook

Communications Planning Manager: Prindi Trezise

iProspect Account Director: Catalina Salazar

PR: Lexis

Account Director: Tommy Allez

Account Manager: Rhianna Brien

Social: Holler

Managing Partner: Ben Swindell

Planning Director: Laura Jones

Project Manager: Linda Obeng

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Avios, the global travel rewards currency, has launched an innovative, hyper-personalised brand campaign, ‘Do More with Avios’, created by 101, and developed by a number of agencies including Carat, Holler, Lexis, iProspect, MBA, rehabstudio, Soul, Hall & Partners and SoHalo.

The three month campaign will see the brand enlist the help of customers’ friends and family to urge collectors to spend their Avios on doing things together, whether for flights, great days out or trying new experiences.

By visiting loved ones can send ‘nudge’ messages direct to nominated Avios customers, with ideas for how they can use their Avios to do more together. Avios collectors will then see these light hearted, personalised messages displayed in banner spaces online as they browse the web; these could be anything from a mum persuading her daughter to use her Avios for a spa trip together or a someone suggesting a romantic trip to Paris using their partner’s Avios.

As well as online, ‘nudge’ messages will also be seen in press and outdoor. The campaign will be supported with social activation and experiential activity. The microsite was created by digital creative agency rehabstudio.

Supreme: Dft – Maritime Coastguard Agency (HMCG) 'To Save'

Brand: Dft – Maritime Coastguard Agency (HMCG)

Title(s): To Save

Agency: Supreme

Agency website:

Creative Director: Justin Barrow

DoP: Justin Glynn

Published: 2015

Short Rationale: service and aims to drive awareness that, in an emergency on the coast or at sea, the Coastguard will always respond.

The film ’To Save’ starts as the casualty regains conciseness, with this distressed audio and all-encompassing frantic scene. We don’t know how they got there and we don’t why - all we know is that the trouble is real, which the visuals echo. The chilling realisation that we are viewing a terrifying incident first hand engages the viewer and human nature makes them hold on for the outcome. The visuals show the scene on a relatively still but dramatic day.

This juxtaposition provides the chilling realisation that it doesn’t need to be fierce for people to get into trouble. The outcome transpires as the Coastguard comes into view and saves the casualty. The film concludes with the understanding of that they are safe, promoting the effectiveness of the Coastguard and creating a desire to be part of this brave unit.

The film is designed to stop, engage and recruit.

BBH London: Clarks 'Prepare for Awesome'

Brand: Clarks

Title(s): Prepare for Awesome

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Jeremy Ettinghausen

Creative Team: Doug Fridlund, Mikael Alcock

Illustrator: Nick Edwards

Additional Credits: Strategist: Jamie Watson

Strategy Director: Anna Vogt

Business Lead: Kate Roberts, Paisley Wright

Account Executive: Thea Wise

Account Director: Stephen Jones

Producer: James Southward

Production Company: Black Sheep Studios

Director: Thomas Ormonde

Executive Producer: Dan Keefe

Producer: Adam Farley

DoP: Ben Todd

Post Production: Black Sheep Studios

Editor/Editing House: Jack Williams - Black Sheep Studios

Sound: Raja Sehgal - Grand Central

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Clarks, the market leader in children’s shoes, has launched its Back to School TV campaign which aims to make the brand more relevant to kids.

Prepare for awesome switches between ‘real’ and animated worlds to provide a series of entertaining pep talks that aim to empower kids about going back to school. With its fast paced energy and colourful animation, Prepare for awesome is a distinct step away from traditional school uniform campaigns.

The campaign was created by BBH London and the four films were produced entirely by Black Sheep Studios, BBH’s next generation production studio.

The campaign was illustrated by Nick Edwards, the award-winning cartoonist who won an Emmy for his work on the Cartoon Network smash hit series, Uncle Grandpa.

Bluemarlin: Batiste 'Packaging Refresh'

Brand: Batiste

Title: Packaging Refresh

Agency: Bluemarlin

Agency Website:

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): International brand design agency bluemarlin has created a new visual identity for Batiste, the UK’s #1 dry shampoo brand. The reinvigorated identity guides the visual expression for all of Batiste’s product pillars as they evolve their range of dry shampoos and extend the brand into styling products. The brief was to create a design that captured Batiste’s mission to empower consumers to take better care of their hair and feel instantly transformed.

The resulting design is stylish, full of impact and truly reflective of the brand’s quirky and confident personality. The updated design takes Batiste’s distinctive patterns to the next level by adding an element of discovery, provoking loyal and new consumers alike to take a second look. Cherries reveal themselves to be bold red lips. Pink flamingos become Martini glasses while lotus flowers bloom into swans. This cheeky design convention unites the range as each variant playfully offers a different visual game. Batiste’s new styling range also has discovery elements layered within the colourful and lively tendrils of hair.

A lion roars at his tamer on the Smooth It Frizz Tamer and hot air balloons rise on the Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray. Sassy yet sophisticated, the new range fits within Batiste’s product portfolio perfectly and succeeds in communicating the brand’s message of providing instant style transformation. The brandmark has also been boldly re-crafted with a capital 'B'.

AFGEurope: Gourmet 'Archie's behind the scenes'

Brand: Gourmet

Title: Archie's behind the scenes

Agency: AFGEurope, UK

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Kent Shively

Additional Credits: Production Company: Bare Films

Producer: Clare Timms

Directors: Bjorn Amend, Nikolaus Brinkmann

D.O.P: Mark Patten

Editors: Via Magda, Tony Whetnall

Published: July 2015

JKR: Berrywhite 'Packaging'

Brand: Berrywhite

Title: Packaging

Agency: JKR, London, United Kingdom

Agency Website:

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Berrywhite has expanded their organic drinks offering to include a new premium sparkling fruit drink in a slim line can, designed by jones knowles ritchie.

Founder Andrew Jennings took the opportunity to commission a new design for the cans, entirely in keeping with the ethos of Berrywhite. With the same emphasis on taste and premium ingredients, the sparkling drinks range comes in matching flavour combinations to Berrywhite’s still drinks.

IF Manchester: Faye & Square 'Brand identity'

Brand: Faye & Square

Title(s): Brand identity

Agency: IF, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Jo Whiteley

Art Director: Laura Walkerdine

Copywriter: Jo Whiteley

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: IF - the Manchester creative agency – has developed and launched a new brand proposition and identity for family pub restaurant group Fayre & Square.

Fayre & Square operates in a fiercely competitive market, so IF’s focus was on creating a distinct and compelling brand built around the quality of food on offer, its competitive pricing and it’s ‘no hassle’ service.

The new over-arching proposition is ‘Happiness Guaranteed’. This was created to give guests confidence that Fayre & Square is a place where everyone has a great time. It has been further enhanced with the introduction of the strap-line: ‘Go Home Happy’. The new brand is now being rolled out across over 160 pubs and covers the website, menus, social media as well as in-pub and external communications.

ZutMedia: Betfred 'Be Part of the Action'

Brand: Betfred

Title: Be Part of the Action

Agency: ZutMedia

Agency Website:

Managing Director: Alan Gaffney

Head of Marketing: Gemma Strath, Betfred

Director: Rob Pickard, Shadowplay Productions

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Bookmakers Betfred are launching a new TV advertising campaign featuring owner Fred Done.

Seven new commercials have been produced and they feature nine different sports. The adverts were shot on location at Haydock Park Racecourse, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, Widnes Vikings’ stadium and Liverpool Olympia.

ITV Creative: The National Lottery and ITV/Global 'Proud to Present'

Brand: The National Lottery and ITV/Global

Title: Proud to Present

Agency: ITN Productions

Creative Director: Phil Lind

Executive Producer: Chris Church

Campaign Producer: Jennifer Collins

Account Team: Natasha Rich & Carol Roberts

Directors: Phil Lind, Shona Auerbach, Schuman Hoque, Will Clark

Producers: Jemma Cassey, Jeannine Mansell, Tara Watney

Directors of Photography: Candida Richardson, Graeme Dunn, Carl Burke and Oliver Schofield

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Launching on Monday 3 August 2015, 10 projects which have received National Lottery funding will be showcased in a series of highly-targeted national and regional adverts, exclusively broadcast on ITV and tailored to fit with relevant programming. A second partnership with Global – launching on the same day – will also see National Lottery projects celebrated on a super-local level across Heart’s 22 stations and Capital’s 10 regional stations.

The deal is the first of its kind for Camelot, who worked closely with the National Lottery Promotions Unit to bring the partnerships to life. The new collaboration allowed commercial producer ITN Productions to hand select the projects featured in the ads, ensuring that the campaign would play out alongside ITV programming genres that complement the individual projects being celebrated in each execution. ITN Productions produced all campaign films in-house, ensuring synergy with ITV’s ongoing programme output, to gain greater cut through with viewers.

The stories will fit into ITV themes covering drama, youth, factual, entertainment and sport and launch with a bespoke 90” spot on 3 August, under ITV’s ‘Proud to Present’ banner, using ITV’s regional infrastructure so that each story can be localised for 11 different regions. Full-length 90” versions of each film will also be available on ITV Player.


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