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Digital ad spend has risen 16% over past nine months

Spending on digital advertisements in the US has increased 16 per cent or grown by $3bn since last October, according to ad spend data firm Standard Media Index.

While looking at the flow of ad dollars from the first nine months of the broadcast season - from October of 2014 to June of this year - Standard Media Index found that organic digital ad growth jumped $1bn.

The data shows that more money is going into digital spend in comparison to other more traditional mediums, particularly television. National TV ad spend during this time period was down $1.1bn, or four per cent.

In terms of TV, the scatter market - or ads brought closer to the actual programming air date - has brought back about 35 per cent of ad revenue that was lost during last year’s upfront. However, the rest of that money has went towards digital spending.

Standard Media Index tracks 80 per cent of national US agency spend, tracking all global ad holding groups except WPP.

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