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Mapping the mobile audience: Which apps US consumers are using first and last each day

Research from Opera Mediaworks has mapped which times consumers are most likely to use certain apps during a 24-hour period to better understand the usage patterns of the US market.

Marking the most common apps to be used first and last on mobiles each day in addition to the categories which have the most loyal users, the research built a greater idea of the mobile landscape in the US.

Most commonly, mobile users would access social networks such as Facebook and Twitter when they wake up. This was followed by games, entertainment and news apps.

On the other hand, the last app most users will use in the evening sits in the entertainment bracket, followed by social media, games and news.

Despite coming fourth in the evening and morning periods, news and information apps evoked the most consumer loyalty as users were less likely to switch up which apps they access. It also boasted the most stable audience size throughout the day under lining the fact apps in the category boast a constant user base less dependent on the time of day.

Notably, social media and entertainment app use increased greatly in the evening, likely to due working days providing a barrier to leisurely app access.

The diagram below visualises the above data.

Other findings from the report can be accessed here on the Opera Mediaworks website. Here's a snapshot.

The insights were gathered through Opera MediaWork’s ad network which boasts 1.1 billion unique users.

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