YouTube pairs-up brands and creatives at VidCon

YouTube has played matchmaker to a dozen brands at VidCon; including Beats by Dre, the Department of Transportation, L'Oréal, Proactiv, Purina and Truth, pairing them up with 12 different creatives during 10 minute speed dating sessions.

VidCon, YouTube

The event saw LaurDIY paired with Old Spice, Wong Fu matched with Apple and Bethany Mota partnered off with Maybelline at a special Friday morning session of the online video conference, which drew over 100 brands this year.

Speaking to Ad Week Carlos Alcazar, senior vice president of the Tombras Group, working on behalf of the Department of Transportation, said: “This is a very valuable process for us. It gives us the opportunity in a more intimate environment to tell the creators what we do. And you can see their eyes light up when we touch on a campaign they may be interested in."

YouTube stressed that their intent behind the initiative wasn't to create instant marriages but rather open the door to follow-up conversations that may lead to deals being signed at a later date.