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FIFA sponsor Visa scolds Sepp Blatter’s ‘wholly inadequate’ response to reform calls

The head of Visa has reprimanded FIFA for its lack of reform under the stuttering leadership of president Sepp Blatter.

Blatter, who was earlier this week showered in money by a prankster during a press conference where he announced that he will remain on as the leader of the body until an election 26 February 2016 – despite promising to stand down earlier this year.

In response to the news, during Visa’s quarterly earnings, chief executive Charlie Scharf branded the company’s response as “wholly inadequate” demanding the reform at the footballing body.

He said: “We view the stewardship of our company, our brand, and our clients with the utmost importance and try to hold ourselves to the highest standards.

“We seek to partner with those who think and act like us. I don’t believe that FIFA is living up to these standards. Furthermore, their subsequent responses are wholly inadequate and continue to show its lack of awareness of the seriousness of the changes which are needed.

“We believe two things need to happen to ensure credible reform. First, an independent, third-party commission led by one or more impartial leaders is critical to formulate reforms. Second, we believe no meaningful reform can be made under Fifa’s existing leadership. Football itself is a great sport with which we are proud to be associated.”

He concluded: “We want to be proud to be associated with FIFA and hope and look forward to working with them to that end.”

This comes after seven FIFA officials were arrested by US authorities in Zurich on corruption charges – bringing the football body into further disrepute.