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Whyte & Mackay to revamp brand proposition

Whyte & Mackay is revamping its marketing strategy to push a new brand proposition after hiring communications agency BJL to lead the shift.

The campaign launches later this year when it will introduce a refreshed label and pack design for the Scotch whisky brand. BJL is tasked with building on a strategy that has asked consumers to reassess their perceptions of blended whisky in order to appeal to a broader, younger palette of drinker.

Steven Pearson, marketing director at Whyte & Mackay, said: “We were immediately impressed with BJL’s understanding of the brand and the blended whisky category. They used the insight and information we provided and applied their knowledge, thinking and creativity to come up with an exciting campaign which we believe will engage our consumers and increase awareness of the brand. We look forward to launching the campaign in the autumn and working with BJL in the future.”

The appointment is indicative of Whyte & Mackay’s global aspirations, which came into spotlight in 2011 with the hire of its first global marketing officer. The business has since stepped up its marketing in an attempt to exploit the growing thirst for spirits among younger drinkers, who are increasingly interested in drinks with provenance,

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