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Stonehaven chippy revolts against deep-fried Mars bar banner ban

The Aberdeenshire town of Stonehaven has suffered a set-back in its bid to burnish its international reputation after a local chip shop, which has achieved global notoriety for deep-frying Mars bar’s, refused to remove an outside banner proclaiming the delicacy to customers.

The Carron Fish Bar advertises itself as the home of the artery-threatening treat, a distinction which draws thousands of tourists each year to the otherwise unremarkable north east fishing port.

Restaurant owner Lorraine Watson, speaking after a combative conversation with a local official, said: “My banner is in immaculate condition and I’ve got no intention of taking it down and I think he agreed that he could see my point of view.

“The banner has been on the building since 2006 and I think something that’s been there for nine years warrants keeping its place. It’s not doing any harm and locals are in agreement that it’s not unsightly.

“People come from all over the world to visit Stonehaven and going to the chip shop is another of those things that you do. People stand outside under the banner and have their picture taken to show when they get home.”

In one concession to authority however Watson has agreed to add a disclaimer to her menu distancing Mars from the recipe; which contradicts its ‘commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles’.

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