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Chinese communists see red over viral shop sex video

China’s ever busy censors have been working overtime in a bid to block online searches for a viral sex video which has already led to multiple arrests and much soul searching on the part of Communist party officials on the state of contemporary morals.

The X-rated mobile phone footage titled ‘changing room’ was shot by a young couple in a Beijing clothes store which was later shared with friends on WeChat and subsequently found its way online.

Four people have been arrested for spreading obscene material online, a crime which carries a sentence of up to two years in jail. Investigations are also continuing into others who may have profited from the video’s spread and the starring couple have themselves been grilled by police, but have not been held.

Investigations are now focussed on Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo which officials believe may have sought to profit from the affair, a much more serious crime which carries the threat of life imprisonment for guilty individuals.

Uniqlo denies any involvement however and has exhorted its customers to use its facilities ‘properly’.

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