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Ad of the Day: AT&T - It Can Wait

This is a slow burner but it builds the heat to an incredible ferocity and leaves you feeling as though you've been kicked in the head. If you haven't watched it yet then we recommend you stop reading this and do so before the inevitable spoilers diminish its impact.

Something is clearly coming and many viewers will realise what it is before it arrives... but this anticipation adds to the anxiety and makes the pay-off all the more impactful.

Agency: BBDO (New York)

Executive Creative Director: Matt MacDonald

Creative Director: Erik Fahrenkopf / L P Tremblay

Film Production: Anonymous Content

Director: Frédéric Planchon (repped by Academy Films)

Executive Producer: Sean Costelloe / Eric Stern

Production Design: Clemens Den Exter

Editor: Charlotte Carr / Richard Orrick @ Work

VFX: Gavin Wellsman @ The Mill

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