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Lee Nelson ups Kanye West stunt by raining wad of cash upon under fire Fifa president Sepp Blatter

Fifa president Sepp Blatter suffered humilation during a press conference today (Monday 20 July) after he was showered with a wad of fake notes in a stunt by comedian Lee Nelson.

During a conference at Fifa’s Zurich headquarters, Nelson (real name Simon Brodkin) managed to infiltrate proceedings and crash the announcement for supposed reforms.

Under the guise of Jason Bent, Nelson’s fake England striker character, the prankster sneaked into the event and added fuel to corruption allegations against Blatter and Fifa.

Ensuring future Fifa corruption stories in the press have a perfect accompanying image of Blatter, Nelson took to the stage and rained fake notes upon the Fifa president.

Blatter, who promised to stand down as president - and has since flip-flopped on the decision - announced that the next presidential election will conclude 26 February 2015.

Nelson was escorted out of the premises by security staff.

The move comes after Nelson invaded the Glastonbury stage during Kanye West’s set, to relive the “world’s greatest rockstar’s” infamous interruption of Taylor Swift.