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Star Wars original marketer weighs in on controversial Amy Schumer GQ photographs

Star Wars first marketer Charles Lippincott, who helped mastermind the promotion of the first movie in series in the 70s, has offered his view on the controversial GQ magazine shoot featuring comedian Amy Schumer and two of its most popular characters.

The risqué shoot featuring either Schumer dressed as Princes Leia sucking the finger of C3PO on the cover or topless in bed with the robot and his sidekick, R2D2 has been criticised for its adult tone considering it relates to a film series that attracts children as well.

Lippincott criticised the move on Facebook, feeling that there was a correlation between the issue of the magazine being released and the promotion of a new toy line ahead of the new film in December.

"Unlike the first STAR WARS, when kiddies could only buy an empty box, you now can buy toys for VII a good four months before the film opens. So GQ comes out a week before Disney/LFL announces it's toys being available for sale. Do you think there might be a reason why the Empire has to distance itself from GQ? You think there might be a $$$ reason? just think about it, boys and girls. See if you can -- as they say in the mystery books -- follow the money. it's the dotted line between your bank account and the Empire's coffers. (sic)"

Lippincott later updated his post to conceded that while the toy line had already been announced, his sentiments over the photos being released were the same. He is the latest of many who have voiced concerns that they were inappropriate.

"Regardless, there's a $$$ reason why the Empire has to distance itself from this GQ issue, which is aimed at the boy who was 7 in 1977, (sic)" he added.

The official Star Wars team have said that they did not approve the shoot: "Lucasfilm & Disney didn't approve, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner," they tweeted through the official Star Wars account.

One person who has defended the images is lead actor in the film series, Mark Hamill, said he was "excited" by the shoot and argued for her to be cast in a future episode.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will be released in December

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