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14 - 18 June

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Ken Hein

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Organ Donation Wales launches countdown app with Coup Media

With the introduction of a new Welsh law on organ donation drawing ever closer, Organ Donation Wales has launched a 'countdown' app to raise awareness of the upcoming changes.

After the 1st December 2015 if you have not recorded an organ donation decision (i.e. opted in or opted out) on the NHS Organ Donation Register, you will be treated as having no objection to donating any of your organs. This is called "deemed consent".

Coup Media has created an app which features a countdown clock which can not only be used on the site, but also to connect with users on Facebook who can use the app to create their own countdown to an event in their life, such as a holiday or wedding.

The app works by allowing users to receive push notifications from the app once these events draw nearer and this will include the 1st December start date for the Organ Donation Wales law. The app is hosted on the Organ Donation Wales Facebook page and aims to engage social media users with the change in the law, explaining what is happening and when. Still in its launch phase, the app has already seen 1,530 countdowns created.

Paul Shepard, managing director and founder of Coup Media, said: “We think it’s a great initiative and are delighted to help raise awareness. We wanted a cool way to get people counting down to the change in law and Facebook felt like the right approach to reach the audience we wanted to target. Stepping away from the actual issue to invite people to countdown to anything was an approach we think made the campaign feel even more relevant.”

Based in London and Newport in Wales, Coup Media has worked on campaigns for the National Trust, NHS, BBC Films and WWF.