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Creative Department: Featuring Saatchi & Saatchi, AMV BBDO, St Luke’s and more


By Gillian West, Social media manager


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July 13, 2015 | 24 min read

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RKCR/Y&R: Volvic Touch of Fruit 'Clearly More To It'

Brand: Volvic Touch of Fruit

Title: Clearly More To It

Agency: RKCR/Y&R

Agency Website:

Creative Directors: Paul Angus/Ted Heath

Art Director: Jamie Woodington

Copywriter: Richard Fox

Account Director: Lateef Joseph-Maynard

Agency Producer: Danielle Sandler

Director/ Production Company: Eric Lerner/Nomint

Producer: Christos Lefakis/Rupert Greaves/Marilena Vatseri

Editor: Andy@ hop House

Post Production: Nomint

Sound Design: Jungle

DoP: Toby Howell

Illustrator: Jamie Cullen

Track: ‘Cut The Kid’ by Madeon

Music Supervision: Native Music

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Volvic Touch of Fruit is launching a dedicated new TV ad for the first time since 2013 as part of a £1.5m through the line campaign designed to appeal to a young, creative audience.

The ad, created by RKCR/Y&R London, features a street artist whose work comes to life in an explosion of fruit graphics.

The colourful film celebrates the great taste of Volvic Touch of Fruit as well as the brand’s delicious new Sparkling range. The illustrations were provided by Brighton-based illustrator Jamie Cullen and animation from London based animation company Nomint.

The ad will be supported by disruptive in-store activations and national sampling. Volvic will also use digital channels to leverage the TV copy and music track to drive further engagement. The campaign comes as Volvic rolls out its fourth Volvic Touch of Fruit Sparkling flavour; Apple and Raspberry.

Grey London: Scope 'Kiss awkward goodbye'

Brand: Scope

Title(s): Kiss awkward goodbye

Agency: Grey London

Agency website:

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Vicki Maguire

Creative Team: Lex Down, Jamie Starbuck

Additional Credits: Account Team: Bill Scott, Sophie Fredheim, Fay Taylor

Head of Film: Glenn Paton

Assistant Producer: Talia Shear

Planner: Matt Tanter, Mike Alhadeff

Production Company: Academy

Director: Nabil

DOP: Justin Brown

Sound: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Post Production: ETC

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Scope is celebrating International Kissing Day (6 July) by releasing a heart-warming film of disabled people and their partners kissing to help break down barriers and challenge assumptions about disability.

The film, directed by Nabil and devised by creative agency Grey London, comes in response to Scope research showing that just 7 per cent of people have been on a date with, or asked out, a disabled person.

The film stars real-life couples Ollie Hancock, who was born with the lower part of his right arm missing, and Jen Shersby; Diane Noella, who is visually impaired, and Anthony Pike; and Michael Buckley, who uses a wheelchair, and his wife Claire.

The three couples are seen passionately embracing to a soundtrack of Kiss My Name by Antony and the Johnsons.

Kiss is part of Scope’s national End the Awkward campaign, which is about challenging attitudes to disability and breaking down the awkwardness that too many people feel when talking to – or dating – a disabled person.

Spy: The University of the Arts London Title: UAL 2015 'UAL 2015'

Brand: The University of the Arts London

Title: UAL 2015

Agency: Spy

Agency Website:

Additional Credits: Source: BP&O

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): The University of the Arts London is Europe’s largest specialist arts and design university. It is made up of six colleges, each with its own unique character and programme, yet unified in their effort to deliver a high quality creative eduction. This united position is expressed through a visual identity system developed by Pentagram partner Domenic Lippa. Based around a robust, black and white typographic system, UAL’s visual identity affords each college the opportunity to experiment with its own approach to visual communication.

This month sees the launch of the UAL 2015 campaign, developed by London based design studio Spy, for Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon. Spy were commissioned to develop a vibrant, engaging brand campaign to launch in the summer that would drive student recruitment and brand awareness. The campaign included ads, posters, digital banners, prospectus, e-flyers and way finding around each campus.

M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment: Ballantine’s 'Underwater River'

Brand: Ballantine’s

Title(s): Underwater River

Agency: M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment

Agency website:

Production Company: Archer’s Mark

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Alex Wilkinson

Account Manager: Daniel De Freitas

Director: William Williamson

Producer: Paz Parasmand

Production Manager: Paul Upton

Head of Production: Adam Booth

Managing Director: Steven Jamison

Local Producer: Dominque Duneton

PA/Photo Assistant: Gustavo Gusgar

Assitant: Karim Hija

Underwater DOP: Robert Franklin

Underwater Assistant: Katharina Brown

Focus Puller: Jack Stevenson

Land DOP: Will Hanke

Sound Recordist: Carlos Valdez

Drone Operator: Jonathan Alzak

Diving Supervisor: Richard Schmittner

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: In late May, Ballantine’s Scotch whisky, production company Archer’s Mark and ‘hyper-real’ photographer Benjamin Von Wong journeyed to Tulum, Mexico with a team of 35 to participate in a unique, experimental underwater photographic project.

‘Ballantine’s Presents Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River’ is the fourth installment in a series of collaborations between Ballantine’s and unique talent from around the globe.

Floating thirty metres (30m / 100ft) down in the ancient ‘Angelita’ Cenote ‘sinkhole’, is a cloud-like layer of hydrogen sulfide which separates salt and fresh water, creating a unique visual phenomenon - an ethereal, flowing ‘underwater river’.

Inspired by this natural phenomena and wanting to celebrate his Chinese heritage, his beliefs and his deeply ingrained passion for experimentation, Benjamin set to work with Ballantine’s to create a single, seemingly impossible underwater image – a stunning, contemporary recreation of a fading ancient tradition, the Chinese Cormorant Fisherman.

After just one month of intensive planning and research, across three continents, a specialist team, put together by Archer’s Mark and comprised of some of the world’s most experienced divers, set builders, underwater film makers and a record-breaking free-diver descended on the Mexican jungle, for five days in May to undertake a challenge none of them had ever before contemplated.

Alphabetical Studio: D&AD Newblood 'Fly on the wall'

Brand: D&AD Newblood

Title(s): Fly on the wall

Agency: Alphabetical Studio

Agency website:

Creative Director: Tommy Taylor, Bob Young

Designer: Tommy Taylor, Bob Young, Chris Talbot, Anna Barton

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: The Fly on the Wall project was designed as part of the D&AD New Blood Festival by Alphabetical. This resource aims to give junior designers invaluable advice for the next step of their careers after securing a job.

In the run up to the Festival we released a fictional D&AD fly out on tour via Twitter to visit some of the top design practices around the world. Along the way he picked up advice and tips from influential creatives such as Mark Bonner (GBH) Greg Quinton (The Partners) and Craig Oldham on the realities of working as a professional graphic designer.

We collated all of the insights from around UK and the world into a website that brings the fly on the wall view to life. The idea is to promote the website to as many young designers as possible so they can gain the benefit of all of the contributors’ collective experience.

To promote the workshop we also designed a set of posters capturing some of the more direct advice submitted to the project.

Saatchi & Saatchi: Pampers 'Pooface'

Brand: Pampers

Title: Pooface

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Kate Stanners

Creatives: Ben Mills, Matt Butterfield

Agency Producer: Anne O'Neill

Director: Olly Blackburn

Additional Credits: Production Company: Great Guns

Executive Producers: Sheridan Thomas, Laura Gregory

Producer: Tim Francis

Director of Photography: Nanu Segal

Production Design: Marie Lana

Editor: Andy Philips

Post Production: Rushes

Grade: Simone Grattarola

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): This new Pampers ad captures babies making doody in HD and glorious slow-motion. They are facial expressions anyone who has cared for a baby will instantly recognize. That faraway look and involuntary frowning (among other things) indicate that a serious diaper change is due.

Pampers's (Procter & Gamble-owned babycare brand) new spot features the facial contortions of 10 babies while they are pooping: the 75-second spot, created by agency Saatchi & Saatchi London, is set to Strauss’ Thus Spake Zarathustra. The rousing track was used in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and seems appropriate for this poop odyssey.

BBH London: KFC 'The Inevitable'

Brand: KFC

Title(s): The Inevitable

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell

Creative Team: Tom Drew, Uche Ezugwu

Additional Credits: Strategist: Lucian Trestler

Strategy Director: Debra Stephens Ladd

Business Lead: Sian Cook

Account Manager: Jamie Kisilevsky

Account Director: Leo Sloley

Producer: Natalie Parish

Assistant Producer: Sarah Cooper

Production Company: Moxie Pictures

Director: MJ Delaney

Executive Producer: Dawn Laren

Producer: Claire Jones

DOP: Ness Whyte

Post Production: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Rebecca Luff @ TenThree

Producer: Louise Long

Photographer: Scott Grummett

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: To build awareness of ‘Chicken Share’, KFC’s new sharing range, BBH has created a campaign which positions the brand as the fast food of choice to share with friends.

‘The Inevitable’ celebrates friends and their power to overcome the obstacles life throws at them. The film portrays a natural life-stage phenomenon that most friends experience in some form, at some point in their lives. The key emotional take out being that our friendships are made stronger and more fulfilled through the act of sharing.

Chapter: Rollasole 'Strawberries & Cream'

Brand: Rollasole

Title(s): Strawberries & Cream

Agency: Chapter

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ian Boulter, Martin Heffernan

Creative Head: Rich Newell, Paul Ray

Creative Team: Rob Hemus, Jenny Green

Additional Credits: Account Management: Louise Williams

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: The female footwear brand Rollasole has renamed one of their product lines Strawberries & Cream for a limited time to celebrate Wimbledon 2015.

The shoe brand, working close with its creative and strategic agency Chapter, has redesigned its packaging to sit in line with the strawberries and cream theme, presenting the red and white shoes in bespoke strawberry punnets.

The initiative will see the brand in and around Wimbledon giving crowds the opportunity to own a pair in return for a tweet or Facebook post as payment.

We Are Social: HSBC '#IsPossible'

Brand: HSBC

Title(s): #IsPossible

Agency: We Are Social, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Graham Jenks, James Nester

Additional credits: Production: Unit 9

Director: Cole Paviour

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: The first of three films created for HSBC’s campaign #ispossible features Jamal Edwards, who founded SB.TV after filming rap freestyles with a handycam.

In the short film, Jamal Edwards expands on the lessons he has learned about mentorship and directs these to both his younger self and the audience. We watch him bike around the council estate where his journey first began while he relays the importance of building a support network for himself.

DLKW Lowe: Sure 'Tube Strike'

Brand: Sure

Title(s): Tube Strike

Agency: DLKW Lowe

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Dave Henderson

Executive Creative Director: Richard Denney

Global Creative Director: Christine Jones

Creative Team: James Millers and Andy Long

Additional Credits: Planner: Becky Taylor-Wilkinson

Account Team: Gareth Sheehy and Javier Passerieu

Designer: Ryan Self

Agency Producers: Bel January

Published: July 2015

AMV BBDO: Lotto 'Please Not Them'

Brand: Lotto

Title(s): #Please Not Them

Headline and copy text (in English): New celebrity-filled Lotto campaign asks the nation to make sure Piers Morgan and Katie Price DON’T win

Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi

Art Director: Michael Jones

Copywriter: Tim Riley and Charlotte Adorjan

Additional credits: Media agency – Vizeum; Press, outdoor and digital executions developed by Camelot’s in-house Creative Services Team

Published: July 2015

Short rationale (optional): This new Lotto campaign features a number of high-profile celebrities in a series of tongue-in-cheek mini-films, presenting outlandish dream projects they are hoping to finance with a big Lotto win.

It initially features Piers Morgan, with Katie Price’s ads launched at the weekend, plus a third celebrity joining in mid-July. It builds on Camelot’s ongoing strategic approach for promoting Lotto, bringing to life the magic of anticipation that comes with buying a Lotto ticket and the period before a draw – the time when everyone is equal and anyone can win. The first in the series of ads, featuring Piers Morgan, launched on TV last night.

Each ad plays humorously on the individual celeb’s public persona, and sees them very earnestly talking about themselves and their dreams for when they win Lotto. For Piers, it’s building a legacy for the nation with Piers’ Pier, while Katie has a vision for a 24 hour TV station where she stars in every show. It is clear that these dreams are really best kept as just that – dreams – and that while anyone can win with Lotto, please don’t let it be them! #Pleasenotthem unites the campaign.

St Luke’s: 'Make your home come together'


Title(s): Make your home come together

Agency: St Luke’s

Agency website:

Creative Director: Al Young

Creative: Gatis Pakalns, Polina Harkin

Additional Credits: Planner: Rose Van Orden

Business Lead: Jonathan Dale

Account Director: Lara Poole

Media Agency: Vizeum

Production Company: Friend London

Director: Ross Cooper

Editor: Scott Cato (The Quarry)

Post Production/VFX/Grade: TK: The Mill, Post Production: Realise

VFX Producer: Chris McKeeman

VFX Supervisor: Martina Silharova

Colourist: James Bamford

Music Track: Will Young – Love Revolution

Audio Post Production: Grand Central Studios

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale:, the UK’s fourth largest online retailer, is launching its home and tech departments with a new ATL campaign, created by retained agency St Luke’s.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the huge range of products offered by and position itself in the fast-growing home and tech markets.

The TVCs use the pink square shape of the very logo to create an intriguing pink ‘puzzle cube’ device that opens, twists and turns to reveal new facets filled with product combinations and room sets.

Each new angle shows more and more of’s range, demonstrating how the variety of brands and products that offers provide consumers with satisfying and inspiring combinations. It features the endline 'Make your home come together with'.

Lost & Found: St John's Smith Square 'Brand platform'

Brand: St John's Smith Square

Title: Brand platform

Headline and copy text: Discover a musical landmark

Agency: Lost & Found, Phillip Southgate Design and Colourful Design Strategy

Agency website:

Brand Consultant: Emily Penny

Creative Director: Phillip Southgate and Andy Hussy

Designer: Caroline Green

Copywriter: Richard Owsley

Published: July 2015

Short rationale: Richard Heason, director of St John's Smith Square said: “St John’s Smith Square is proud of its long and distinguished heritage; 45 years as one of London’s leading classical music venues and over 200 years prior to this as one of the cornerstone churches of the Georgian era. The marriage of baroque architecture, classical music and contemporary design in this new suite of branding materials perfectly reflects our core values; to be a relevant, lively and respected centre of excellence for informed musical performance whilst preserving the integrity and vision of our eighteenth century roots.”

Sunshine: Roald Dahl Literary Estate 'Re-brand'

Brand: Roald Dahl Literary Estate

Title(s): Re-brand

Agency: Sunshine

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Al Maccuish

Creative Director: Simon Bird

Art Director: Simon Holmes

Additional Credits: Producer: Lesley Williams

Designers: Simon Dovar, Roma Levin, Chris Gove

Account Manager: Luisa Bundy

Strategy Director: Jonny Ng

COO: Gideon Simeloff

Production Company: Not To Scale

Director: Chris Dooley

Music Composer: Nick Ryan

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: The wonderful and macabre world of Roald Dahl is set to reignite as the world famous author’s literary estate aims to bring together his diverse range of works under a unifying brand for the first time having appointed Sunshine Agency to develop and evolve its proposition and branding.

A newly developed logo and animation will be central to connecting such activities, inspired directly by the late author’s work. This includes a yellow paper plane, to reflect the legal paper on which he wrote as well as his love of flight, while also including a range of colours that will make up the Roald Dahl colour palette.

XXS Amsterdam: Binck 'I make myself'

Binck I Make Myself from XXS on Vimeo.

Brand: Binck

Title(s): I make myself

Agency: XXS Amsterdam

Agency website:

Creatives: Saskia Meijer, René Verhagen, Jan de Roos

Additional Credits: Account: Daniel Kok

Strategy: José Evers

RTV: Daphne Story

Director: Billy Pols

DOP: Werner Maritz

Production: Hazazah Film & Photography

Postproduction: Captcha!

Editor: Govert Janse

Titels: Paul Postma

Sound: Erik Jan Grob - Sizzer Amsterdam

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: The new campaign for investment bank Binck is the embodiment of today’s self-made man. The independent thinkers and doers. People who know how to decide for themselves, who know what works for them in life as well as their investments.

Developed by creative agency XXS Amsterdam, the ‘I Make Myself’ campaign taps into the independence of both Binck and its investors. The commercial, directed by Billy Pols (Hazazah) shows that the self-made man of today gives his own meaning to wealth, happiness and profitability.

The concept of the self-made man used to refers to someone who started out with nothing and ended up with everything but today it’s a completely different story. Now it is about being independent in life, choosing your own direction and becoming who you want to be, by making your own choices. The same principle translates seamlessly to investments.

Creative Forager: ECE Architecture 'Mirrored Beach Hut'

Brand: ECE Architecture

Title(s): Mirrored Beach Hut

Headline and copy text (in English): Mirrored Beach Hut Ambient Stunt

Agency: Creative Forager

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mark Sephton

Published: June 2015

Short rationale (optional): Worthing practice, ECE Architecture wanted to create an art installation that would engage and delight the West Sussex community, so they took an iconic seafront building and gave it a fresh twist.

The mirrored beach hut created a real buzz in the town, becoming a tourist attraction and a surprising new photo opportunity.

Saatchi & Saatchi: Toyota Auris Hybrid 'The Truth and Sensitive'

Brand: Toyota Auris Hybrid

Title: The Truth and Sensitive

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Directors: Andy Jex, Rob Potts

Copywriter: Mike Whiteside

Art director: Ben Robinson

Planner: Paulo Carvajal

Additional Credits: Account handlers: Theresa Risdon, Paul McHugh

Agency producer: Marie Hughes

Media buying agency: ZenithOptimedia

Media planner: Ben Lukawski

Production company: Moxie

Director: Martin Granger

Editor: David Webb

Producer: Adam Saward

Post-production: Electric Theatre Collective

Audio post production: Factory

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Saatchi & Saatchi London is launching the new Toyota Auris Hybrid with a European campaign, ‘The Truth,’ featuring American actor and comedian Regan Burns.

The ad sees Burns wearing a lie detector as he waxes lyrical about the new model.


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