Allergy brand Piriteze targets hayfever sufferers with addressable ads via Sky Adsmart

Allergy brand Piriteze has kicked off a targeted campaign whereby ads are only activated for households with hay fever sufferers in areas with highest pollen counts using Sky Adsmart.

Adsmart – Sky Media’s addressable ad service – tailors what is shown in TV ad breaks by pulling in publically available data to identify groups or demographics. It then serves ads best suited to those households.

Piriteze has used the data to identify areas with a high pollen count, meaning it can time ads to reach hay fever sufferers on days when their symptoms may be heightened.

The campaign has rolled out across Greater London, North Scotland, Wales, North West, Yorkshire, the Midlands and South West.

Julia Bauer, brand manager for Piriteze, said the ability to time ads to moments when people's symptoms may be at their worst is a compelling incentive for the brand.

“Working with Sky Media and using its Sky AdSmart technology ties in perfectly with our aim to engage with consumers at the moment they are most likely to reach for Piriteze," he added.

“It is no secret that high pollen counts will encourage people suffering from hayfever to look out for products like Piriteze, but Sky AdSmart allows us to use this to our advantage, making consumers aware of the allergy products when the pollen status is medium to high and intercepting the path to purchase,” he said.

Over the last year, Sky Adsmart has run 2,000 campaigns for nearly 500 advertisers, according to the company. It can be used to target region, city, and the first two letters of specific postcodes, a feature which has been designed to put smaller brands on a more equal playing field with major, national advertisers which command the big TV advertising budgets.

At the time of its launch Sky touted the service as one which could lower the entry price for brands which don’t wield the kinds of budget needed for TV advertising, and has now claimed that 70 per cent of the advertisers which use Sky AdSmart are either new to TV or new to Sky.

Sky is planning to extend its Adsmart sevice to roll out cross-device sequential targeting capabilities in the autumn.