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Creative Department 8 July Winners featuring Grey London, Creative Forager, Havas Chicago and Dare

The winners of the latest Creative Department have been revealed in the 8 July issue of The Drum.

Check out the top creative work picked by The Drum UK and US readers, our sponsor, Workfront, and this issue's creative director Nick Hastings of krow Communications.

Creative Director's Choice: Grey London - HSBC 'Lift'

HSBC - Lift from Grey London on Vimeo.

Nick Hastings, creative director and co-founder, Krow Communications

After the films Buried and Locke, big stories set in small spaces are becoming something of a genre, and an engaging one at that. In this HSBC commercial the director wrings out a breadth of emotions far greater than the claustrophobic dimensions of a lift. That’s largely down to the casting and handling of the central character.

It’s hard to like a successful guy in a bank commercial but instead of wanting the lift to plummet out of control towards the basement, I ended up rooting for him. This film is peppered with nice touches, like at the beginning when the entrepreneur’s PA carries up the mandatory startup potted plant, without which all new companies are destined to fail.

The wardrobe and hairstyles are pretty much bang on, but top marks should be reserved for the prosthetics department. Somehow our hero changes over 40 years from ingénue to eminence grise without once looking like an extra from Lord of the Rings.

Although, whether anyone will believe that a bank actually cares about its business is an issue that one commercial cannot address, even when it’s as well done as this one.

UK Readers' Favourite: Creative Forager - Arts University Bournemouth 'Glass Slippers'

Students from design, performance and makeup courses at Arts University Bournemouth decided to shun the traditional recruitment video and team up to produce a modern day version of Cinderella.

The short film features 150 students and almost 100 costumes spanning three centuries. The end line – ‘Storytelling from an original point of view’ – captures the courses’ creative approach to teaching and promotion.

US Readers' Favourite: Havas Worldwide Chicago - Bike Week '#BikeDesk'

To raise awareness for Chicago Bike Week, Havas Chicago created a bike desk and recorded its adventures throughout the city.

Set to the soundtrack of The Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ the campaign’s goal was to encourage people to cycle to work no matter how busy they are.

The accompanying hashtag #BikeWhileWorking followed the bike desk’s exploits online.

Sponsor's Choice: Dare - Vision Express 'Vision taken seriously - Eye witness'

Jada Balster, marketing director EMEA, Workfront

This is a refreshing change to the usual comical optician adverts that we see on the television. The veteran newsreader Trevor McDonald delivers the powerful message that ‘sight can last a lifetime if you look after your eyes’.

The ad has the look and feel of a documentary, which makes it interesting, informative and utterly eye-catching (excuse the pun).

In fact it is almost a surprise to see Vision Express appear at the end of the advert rather than an award winning documentary channel!

The 8 July Creative Department also features work from Air Brussels and Propercorn. The 8 July issue of The Drum is available to purchase from The Drum Store now.