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Misguided FA tweet welcomes England women's World Cup team back 'to being mothers, partners and daughters'

A single tweet from the Football Association following the England women's team embarking on the nation’s most successful World Cup campaigns since the 1966 win has riled social media users.

A tweet from @England, the FA’s official account, stated that after the campaign, the players could go back to "being mothers, partners and daughters".

The social media reaction was mostly negative – before the post was removed from the FA website and Twitter with some stating that such a comment would not have been attributed to the men's team.

James Callow, who wrote the FA piece the comment was taken from, denied accusations of sexism, adding that "human interest is a big part of any sport reporting".

He concluded he would have given the men’s team the same coverage.

The incident goes to show how quickly a single tweet can quickly spiral out of control. The FA unceremoniously deleted the tweet 45 minutes after posting it.

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