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By Gillian West | Social media manager


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July 6, 2015 | 24 min read

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Discovery Creative London: Discovery Channel UK and Ireland 'Idris Elba: No Limits'

Brand: Discovery Channel UK and Ireland

Title(s): Idris Elba: No Limits

Headline and copy text (in English): THIS IS NO ACT

Agency: Discovery Creative London, United Kingdom

Agency website:

Creative Director: Lee Healy

Art Director: Meriem Adib

Copywriter: Lee Healy

Photographer: James Cheadle

Additional credits: Creative producer: David Smith, Discovery Networks UK and Ireland

Discovery UK and Ireland Director: Meriem Adib

Discovery UK and Ireland Image Creation & Off-Air Designer: Graham Smith

Post Production: Smoke & Mirrors

VP Creative, Discovery Networks UK and Ireland: Robin Garnett

Published: July 2015

Short rationale (optional): Idris Elba steps out of his comfort zone to take on four different challenges, including, beating an 88 year old, British, land-speed record.

He might be an internationally renowned actor but this is no act.

101: Tango 'Tango Tang Enhancers'

Brand: Tango

Title(s): Tango Tang Enhancers

Agency: 101

Agency website:

Creative Director: Augusto Sola

Creative: Jack Willoughby, Serhan Asim, Ryan Delehanty, Greg Stekelman, Aurora Straton

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Natalie Curran

Business Leader: Victoria Ellis

Account Director: Fabia Palliser

Account Manager: Maurice Pfister

Strategist: Joe Smith

Production Company: Moxie Pictures

Director: Matthew Holness

Executive Producer: Dawn Laren

Producer: Claire Jones

Director of Photography: Tom Townend

Edit House: Tenthree

Editor: Quinn Williams

Post House: Electric Theatre Collective

Post Producer: Alannah Currie

Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss

Flame Operator: Yourick Van Impe/Andrew Stewart

Audio Post Production: Wave Recording Studios

Sound Engineer: Parv Thind

Music: Beetroot Music

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Tango’s ‘Five Stages of Tang’ campaign continues today with the release of six new online films created by advertising agency 101.

The films continue in the style of the previous Infomercial, featuring a Tango representative along with the host of Smart Deals TV, this time selling a range of bizarre products called the ‘Tang Enhancers’.

Designed to help those clamouring for ways to enhance the individual tangs they love, these are five amazing accessories that enhance each stage: NOSE TANG, STING TANG, WOO TANG, BOO TANG and even SMOO TANG.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign directs viewers to a phone line – 0800 088 2028 – where the products can be bought by navigating the series of options.

St Luke’s: Old Mout 'The Kiwi taste for adventure'

Brand: Old Mout

Title(s): The Kiwi taste for adventure

Agency: St Luke’s

Agency website:

Creative Director: Al Young, Julian Vizard

Creative: Gatis Pakalns, Polina Harkin

Additional Credits: Planner: Dan Hulse

Account Director: Amarpreet Lall

Media Agency: Starcom Mediavest

Published: June 2015

Short Rationale: Heineken has launched a new ATL campaign for Old Mout with a £4m media spend, in order to raise awareness and increase trial of the premium fruit cider.

The campaign, live from 29 June, will run across out-of-home and video-on-demand, with support from BTL, social and experiential channels.

The campaign aims to associate the brand with the adventurous Kiwi attitude to life and encourage people to try the unexpected fruit. It features the strapline “The Kiwi taste for adventure”. The new flavour “Pomegranate & Strawberry” will be promoted, as well as established flavours “Kiwi & Lime” and “Passionfruit & Apple”.

The campaign has been devised by retained agency St Luke’s with media planning by Starcom Mediavest.

Adam&EveDDB: Lloyds Banking Group 'Horse Story'

Brand: Lloyds Banking Group

Title(s): Horse Story

Agency: Adam&EveDDB

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest

Executive Creative Director: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim

Additional Credits: Planner: David Golding

Media agency: MEC

Producer: Matt Craigie/Victoria Bennett

Account Management: Mat Goff/Charlotte Wolfenden

Media planner: Hannah Mcwilliam, Melanie Constant

Production company: Rogue

Director: Sam Brown

Editor: Paul Watts, The Quarry

Soundtrack name and composer: Birdy, Wings

Post-production: The Mill

Audio post-production: Aaron Reynolds, Wave

Published: June 2015

Short Rationale: Lloyds Bank is launching a campaign featuring its iconic black horse to mark the bank’s role in supporting customers through 250 years of an ever changing Britain.

At the heart of the campaign, created by Adam&EveDDB, is a 90 second and 60 second film depicting the strength and support of horses in everyday situations from the year the bank was founded in 1765 to the present day.

It opens on a stable in the 18th Century where a black foal takes its first steps, moving to a horse helping a farmer and his wife plough their field in a pre-mechanised economy, through to a scene depicting the last horse drawn RNLI lifeboat in Wells (where this scene was shot), cuts to a horse drawn carriage at an 80s wedding, before ending on a British Para Show Jumper, Susi Rogers Hartley, cantering through a forest.

In each scene of ‘Horse Story’, the black horses – the iconic symbol within the brand’s logo - put people first, demonstrating Lloyds’ core values of loyalty, trust and service.

Saatchi Masius: Scoff & Banter 'How very British'

Brand: Scoff & Banter

Title(s): How very British

Agency: Saatchi Masius

Agency website:

Creative Director: Surrey Garland

Art Director: Mel Harvey

Copywriter: Richard Warren

Illustrator: David Lawrence (Folio Art)

Typography: Mel Harvey

Published: June 2015

Net Natives: Cambian 'A Portrait of a Foster Parent – Dawn’s Story'

Brand: Cambian

Title(s): A Portrait of a Foster Parent – Dawn’s Story

Agency: Net Natives, Brighton, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Jo Birch

Art Director: Tara Kelly

Copywriter: Sophie Wood

Illustrator: Tara Kelly

Photographer: Jonathan Nicholl

Published: June 2015

Short rationale: We knew we wanted to tell the story from a foster parent, but not in a standard headshot method. We also knew that the widest distribution for this video would be across social media and online. By bringing in the people around the foster parent and by adding a whimsical element, we managed to break through the traditional look, feel and emotion.

The edits were created focusing on short burst, high impact vignettes promoted across Facebook and YouTube and has generated hundreds of fostering enquiries and a huge uplift on social engagement of several hundred percent.

Hills Design: Henry’s quality animal feeds 'Helping a brand to grow naturally'

Brand: Henry’s quality animal feeds

Title(s): Helping a brand to grow naturally

Headline and copy text Hills Design: Henry’s Feeds ‘Rebrand’

Agency: Hills Design, Gloucestershire, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: David Hills

Published: June 2015

Short rationale (optional): With a rich heritage and quality products, Henry’s Feeds needed to ensure it maintained its position as a market leader, continuing to appeal to existing customers, but also drive new sales.

The company was in need of a big refresh and Hills Design was brought in to review and redesign the brand, overhauling its identity, full range of packaging and marketing materials.

Kathy Lees: Marks & Spencer 'El Sabor Libre'

Brand: Marks & Spencer

Title(s): El Sabor Libre

Designer: Kathy Lees


Published: June 2015

Short Rationale: Kathy Lees has created the design for Marks & Spencer’s El Sabor Libre, a line of organic, Mexican-inspired burritos, gazpacho and lime-infused water. The design features bright, illustrated faces of Mexican wrestlers and ingredients like limes and peppers.

Southpaw: Honda Motor Europe 'Miimo Launch Campaign'

Miimo Integrated Launch Campaign - TVC from Southpaw on Vimeo.

Brand: Honda Motor Europe

Title(s): Miimo Launch Campaign

Agency: Southpaw

Agency website:

Creative Director: Glenn Smith

Lead Creative: Joe Jordan

Art Director: Matt Fretwell

Copywriter: Ethan Lott

Photographer: Jan Verboom

Additional credits: Jo Cornford, Account Director

Published: April 2015

Short rationale (optional): Across Europe, robotic lawnmowers are seen as a very rational, spec-based purchase. We turned this on its head, taking a more emotional approach to give Honda and its Miimo mower clear distinction in the market.

Rather than just looking at what Miimo can do for your garden, we looked at what Miimo can do for your life: it gives you more time for the things that really matter. This idea is epitomised by our campaign line, The Newest Member of the Family.

Krow Communications: Virgin Trains

Brand: Virgin Trains

Title(s): The bite me baby seat sale

Agency: Krow Communications

Agency website:

Creative Director: Nick Hastings

Art Director: Ed Shore

Copywriter: Tristan Marshall

Photographer: Max Oppenheim

Additional Credits: Model Maker: Paul Baker

Typography: Gareth Robertson

Animation: Steve Savory

Producer: Hannah Granshaw, Rebecca Forrester

Published: June 2015

Short Rationale: Virgin Trains is making travel even more affordable this summer with a seat sale that starts on Tuesday June 30. One million tickets are on sale across the network, across Standard and First Class. krow created a distinctive campaign with a typical Virgin twist.

Because Virgin Trains’ sale seats are as tempting as a mouth-watering ice-cream on a hot summer’s day, krow brought this to life with a model of an irresistible lolly in the shape of a Virgin Trains’ seat, and named the sale the Bite Me Baby Seat Sale.

The campaign broke on Monday June 29 and will run ATL in digital OOH, press and radio across key cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. The campaign will be supported digitally and also include experiential ice-cream giveaways with branded napkins across high-footfall areas in central London.

Space: AELTC '2015 Wimbledon Championship'

Brand: The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC)

Title(s): 2015 Wimbledon Championship

Headline and copy text (in English): Wimbledon Awaits

Agency: Space

Agency website:

Creative Director: Matthew O’Brien

Art Director: Stuart Minshaw

Copywriter: Rob Syme & Jim Hoodless

Designer: Chris Collett

Photographer: Various AELTC Photographers

Additional credits: AELTC

Published: June 2015

Short rationale (optional): Wimbledon Awaits: Creating Headlines since 1877 builds anticipation for the 2015 Tournament by showing how the Championships have been creating world-renowned headlines through history and will continue to do so into the future.

Threepipe: FLEXISEQ 'Harry Redknapp: England Bowls Manager'


Title(s): Harry Redknapp: England Bowls Manager

Headline and copy text (in English): #Harrysback, managing the England Bowls team with the help of FLEXISEQ.

Agency: Threepipe

Agency website:

Production Company: Guts & Glory

Creative Director: Gillian Quinn

Director: Dan Storey

Producer: Daniella Keeble

Photographer: James Cheadle

Additional credits: PR: Tim Bayliss, Chris Etchells, Alex Snow, Siobhan Meehan, Sam Faulkner

Design: Alex House, Dan Goy

Digital Marketing: Hannah Langley, Daisy Leaback

Social Media: Justin Schwartz

Camera Operator: Christopher Du'Mont

Sound Recordist: Dan Eastick

Art Director: Freya Closs

Published: June, 2015

Short rationale (optional): Having left his role as manager of Premier League club Queens Park Rangers due to knee surgery last season, Harry Redknapp is back on his feet thanks in part to FLEXISEQ. To show that he is back to full fitness and ready for his next challenge Harry Redknapp has taken part in a tongue-in-cheek mock documentary and has been revealed as the new manager of the England Bowls team, who FLEXISEQ are a partner of. The ‘mockumentary’ follows Harry for a day in his new role as he tries to implement some of his coaching methods with his new team and settles into a new pace of life.

Delivered by PR & digital marketing agency Threepipe, in association with production agency Guts & Glory, #HarrysBack is being supported through a multi-channel approach including PR, digital marketing, social media and further content creation.

OsborneNash: Centra Pulse 'Life is for Living'

Brand: Centra Pulse

Title(s): Life is for Living

Headline and copy text (in English): ‘Telecare is not just about saving lives, it’s about giving me a life’. Living alone or simply needing reassurance needn’t put your life on hold. Centra Pulse personal alarms and devices connect you direct to our trained professionals who will ensure you get the assistance you need – and all at the touch of a button, anytime, wherever you are.

Agency: OsborneNash, Norwich

Agency website:

Creative Director: Lee Nash

Assistant Creative Director: Neil Wright

Art Director: Jen Napolitano

Copywriter: Chris Haynes

Illustrator: Jen Napolitano

Published: June 2015

Short rationale (optional): The UK’s largest independent provider of telecare has launched a positive new marketing campaign to help older people live their lives to the full and change attitudes towards care.

Centra Pulse’s ‘Life is for Living’ campaign will show how older people’s lives can be liberated by telecare services like personal alarms, fall detector sensors and GPS watches which instantly connect to trained professionals. It aims to encourage people to think positively about care in later life by demonstrating its role in maintaining independence and increasing wellbeing.

The new approach follows research previously released by Centra Pulse and YouGov which found that only 6 per cent of over-65s describe themselves as "old" and only one in three has given serious thought to the care they might need in future. Travelling the world, planning a parachute jump and climbing a mountain were among items to feature in a top 40 list of over-65s’ ‘bucket list’ items, compiled from Centra Pulse research of more than 2,000 over-65s.

Display ads will be used to target older people, their families and industry professionals The campaign will be supported by digital marketing, direct mail and PR.

TBWA London: Lidl 'Spot the Difference'

Brand: Lidl

Title(s): Spot the Difference

Agency: TBWA, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Jeremy Carr

Art Director: Simon Morris

Copywriter: Dean Webb

Illustration: Demon

Additional Credits: Account Director: David Owen

Published: June 2015

JWT Melbourne: Beyondblue 'Brains Have A Mind of Their Own'

Brand: Beyondblue

Title: Brains Have A Mind of Their Own

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Melbourne

Agency Website:

Illustrations and Animation: Ben Ommundson

Media: MediaCom

Published: June 2015

Short Rationale (Optional): Beyondblue has become the first not-for-profit organisation in Australia to advertise via Snapchat with the ‘Brains have a mind of their own’ campaign. Recently launched, the Youthbeyondblue campaign is designed to empower young people aged 13-18 years to respond effectively to depression or anxiety through recognising key signs and symptoms.

It is the first project for Youthbeyondblue undertaken by J. Walter Thompson, which was responsible for the creative development and all production elements.

MediaCom Melbourne developed the media strategy based on key insights around the consumption and behaviours of the youth audience. Significant paid channels utilised for this audience include YouTube, mobile display and video pre-rolls, XBOX, Facebook, search and Snapchat Discover via’s channel. Snapchat was recommended in direct response to its enormous and growing potential to reach over two million young Australians who engage with the platform each day.

The animations depict a world where teenagers are constantly disrupted, harassed, annoyed, distracted and provoked by their own brains. In each element of the campaign, the brain is intent on getting its own way, but through the darker humour shines the possibility of help and support at This site gives young people the information, tools and confidence to seek support when they need it.

Greenspace: WilkinsonEyre 'Brand refresh'

Brand: WilkinsonEyre

Title(s): Brand refresh

Agency: Greenspace, London, United Kingdom

Agency website:

Creative Director: Lee Deverill

Photographer: Simon Ellis, Max Cutting

Additional credits: Max Cutting

Published: July 2015

Short rationale: Greenspace has designed the new brand identity and website for WilkinsonEyre, one of the world’s leading architectural practices.

Greenspace conducted in-depth interviews and analysis with the practice management, employees and partners, as well as previous and current clients. Insights collated from this process and a thorough social-media audit inspired the digital strategy and creative direction for the new brand identity and website

For the new brand identity, Greenspace has designed a new wordmark that follows brand guidelines for its use across all digital platforms, maintaining a pure, modernist approach that complements new print media. The metallic, pale grey and white colour scheme combined with a sophisticated grid system subtly reflects the WilkinsonEyre contextual design approach and its dynamic use of space and light.

An all new responsive website has been developed; making for a more accessible and user-friendly experience across all digital platforms. Intuitive and understated, the website ensures the impressive breadth of work of WilkinsonEyre is the visual focus throughout.

Greenspace commissioned new portrait and workplace photography from Simon Ellis and directed the brand film, ‘WE are WilkinsonEyre’ with award-winning filmmaker Max Cutting. Further film content is also in development.

Kameleon: Celebrity Cruises and Waitrose 'A Taste of Travel'

Brand: Celebrity Cruises in partnership with Waitrose

Title(s): A Taste of Travel

Headline and copy text (in English): A Taste of Travel: Spanish Gin

Agency: Kameleon

Agency website: http://

Creative Director: Alex Kemp

Director: Dom Rippl

Additional credits: Head of Production: Melly Cook

Published: June 2015

Short rationale (optional): Modern luxury cruise line Celebrity Cruises has partnered with Waitrose, to create a series of travel-inspired mini films that showcase food and drink experiences on offer around the world.

The series of films entitled ‘Taste of Travel’ have been created to offer travel and food fans a different perspective on popular destinations such as Barcelona, Istanbul and Reykjavik. Presented by cookery writer and deli-owner Rosie Lovell, the short films have been created by content agency Kameleon.

Offering insight that unveils the lesser-known food and drink specialties, customs and cultures of six different destinations, each short film inspires travellers with experiences that they can enjoy at home on waitrose tv, the brand's online television portal, or on holiday with Celebrity Cruises.

The six short films will roll-out on Waitrose and Celebrity Cruises owned media channels between July and September 2015, with support from dedicated social media and digital campaigns.

Kukri (in-house): Kukri 'Brand refresh'

Brand: Kukri

Title(s): Brand refresh

Agency: Kukri (in-house)

Creative Manager: Viv Ettenfield

Digital Designer: Jack Watkins

Photographer: Ian McManus

Additional Credits: Marketing Manager: Dan Warburton

Marketing Executive: Marco Vaghetti, Sion Hill

Published: July 2015

Short Rationale: Kukri Sports, a market leader in bespoke sportswear, has announced a brand refresh.

Major changes include the use of a new corporate colour, charcoal grey, throughout all Kukri platforms, four new company values; quality, passionate, professional and diverse, a simple vision; to provide the best bespoke sportswear to athletes and teams, and a new strapline; Together Stronger.

One of the most significant brand changes can be seen in the new imagery, which is focused around the passion and emotion associated with sport.

The brand refresh has been unveiled in the UK and will be rolled out across the wider business in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia later on this year.


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