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What does it take to be a great agency CEO? Havas CEO Paul Frampton

To be a successful agency CEO you need to be like a "chameleon" according to Havas' Paul Frampton who also emphasised energy and "emotional intelligence" as other key attributes.

Speaking to The Drum at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Frampton said that emotional intelligence is an undervalued skill for CEOs who should use it to tune into a team's mood.

"I think it takes energy because there is an awful lot to do," he said as he mused the best qualities of CEOs. "I think it takes a lot of emotional intelligence; you have to sense the way your team are feeling and understand whether they are in a positive or negative mood because there is a lot of pressure put on talent in this industry right now. I think EI and EQ is a slightly undervalued skill in a CEO."

Frampton also praised a "certain social network" as it allows him to put out his perspective and speak to current and future clients and talent; something he pointed out is important in an era where authenticity is critical.

"Personal brand is massively important in an era where marketing needs to be more human," he said. "Its really important to be able to articulate and tell a story that my people can understand... because there is an awful lot of complexity out there."

Last week global CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Miles Young said that his success heading up the agency is due to his humility and respect for people.

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