Tango furthers '5 stages of Tang' push with Tang Enhancers online film series

Tango has progressed its ‘Five Stages of Tang’ campaign with the release of six online films created by advertising agency 101.

The films, which launched today (Friday 3 July), continue in the style of Tango’s last infomercial and feature a Tango representative along with the host of Smart Deals TV try to sell ‘Tang Enhancers’.

The tongue-in-cheek effort pushes five accessories that enhance the Tango experience including a strap-on nose with miniature cartridges to increase Nose Tang, gunpowder-filled mini-cans for Woo Tang, and a stick of haunted wood to amplify the Boo in your Boo Tang (see above).

The campaign directs viewers to a phone line – 0800 088 2028 – where products can be bought by navigating a series of options.