By Gillian West | Social media manager

July 3, 2015 | 2 min read

Ice cream brand Cornetto has teamed up with Dutch lifestyle vlogger and singer Teske de Schepper, who performed ‘King for One Day’ for the brand’s global campaign anthem, to kick off its 2015 summer campaign.

Written and composed by MassiveMusic, the track will now be released in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Denmark and marks the second successive year Cornetto has worked with MassiveMusic.

For the music video Teske and fellow vlogger David Choi, who also features on the song, conduct a social experiment with ice cream by handing out Cornettos on the streets of Barcelona to encourage the brand’s teenage audience to show the love.

“We want to tell authentic stories from our brands and Teske has a very genuine relationship with her fans – that is what inspired us to work with her,” said Ozlem Birkalan, senior brand development manager, ice cream at Unilever. “It is the first time Cornetto has worked with vloggers and we are very excited to see how Teske’s fans react to the campaign.”

MassiveMusic’s head of sonic branding, Michiel Cremers, added: “This is the second global campaign that we’ve worked on with Cornetto and it’s great to see how the role of music has developed, becoming much more important and it’s paying off so well.

“The campaign extension and the partnership with Teske demonstrates how much the music industry is changing. Brands are discovering the power of music as a branding tool and carefully curated music tells their story on a more engaging level,”

Recently signed to Universal Music, 19-year-old Teske is one of the biggest vloggers in the Benelux region with 200k YouTube subscribers and 135k Instagram followers. LA-based vlogger Choi has almost one million subscribers.

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