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A friendly reminder to tune-in proves valuable for Fox's Empire

Twitter recently released a new study on how Fox was able to leverage their earned audience (those who have seen tweets about a show) for their hit show Empire. Their findings revealed that targeting this earned audience with paid media can result in higher engagement while generating more impressions with retweets, drive TV-related actions (tweets, intent to tune in) and familiarity with the show. The study shows that Twitter can help propel a social show to new heights by engaging those who simply need a reminder to watch or join the conversation.

Highlights from the study:

  • The Earned + Paid Audience achieved 23% higher engagement rates with re-targeting than the average entertainment (TV) campaign. Media-forward Tweets (those with photo or video) resulted in a 29% higher engagement rate than average.
  • Both groups expressed a stronger intent to view live and time-shifted airings of the show than did the Unexposed group.
  • Re-targeting presents efficiencies by finding the groups that have already been exposed and giving them a friendly reminder.

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