By Tony Connelly, Sports Marketing Reporter

July 1, 2015 | 2 min read

Kleenex’s latest ad in its series of mini-documentaries tells the real-life story of a dog and his owner who are both wheelchair bound.

'Unlucky Best Friends' tells the story of a dog named Chance who, unable to walk after being hit by a car, is adopted by wheelchair bound husband Mike and his wife Stacey Williams. Chance is soon able to walk thanks to the help of a wheelchair and can be seen happily playing with Mike. The couple narrate over the ad describing why they gave the unwanted dog a chance.

The video is part of the company’s new Someone Needs One ad campaign which aims to document touching real-life stories of people showing meaningful gestures of care.

It is the third ad in the campaign which also includes the story of an ex-solider suffering PTSD who attributes his survival to a fellow veteran, and multiple amputee, recognising he was in trouble and reaching out to him over Facebook. It then shows the two finally meeting face-to-face after Kleenex paid for the travel costs.

The second video in the series tells the story of a mother who, needing a kidney transplant, uses Facebook to ask for help and receives a response from a fellow mother.

The campaign includes a partnership with Facebook which targets users’ demographics, stated interests and time of day. As part of the partnership, Facebook is cited as the reason that many of the people were able to help one another.

The full ad is available to view above.

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