By Tony Connelly | Sports Marketing Reporter

June 30, 2015 | 2 min read

Reebok has signed a $70m sponsorship deal with the UFC which will make them the sole supplier of uniforms for the world’s leading mixed martial arts company.

The official Reebok uniforms were unveiled at a press conference in New York today where some of the sport’s top athletes including Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier were present on stage to advertise Reebok’s apparel.

The six-year deal will begin on July 7 2015 and will see every athlete in the UFC wearing Reebok apparel while competing in the octagon.

Athletes pay will be affected by the new sponsorship deal with a pay structure being implemented to determine what each fighter will earn. Under the new payment tier, fighters with 1-5 bouts will receive $2,500 per fight; 6-10 bouts get $5,000; 11-15 bouts get $10,000; 16-20 bouts get $15,000; and 21 bouts and more get $20,000.

At the unveiling press conference Reebok representatives discussed the brands transformation in recent years and how the company has “gone back to its routes in fitness”.

The Reebok advertising has used the caption of ‘Be More Human’ which company representatives said “speaks to our consumer about living an active life and training like a fighter is at the core of that.”

UFC president, Dana White, was at the New York press conference and described the deal as “a big moment for us”. Discussing what the deal meant for the sport he said that “now, like every other sport, we have a major sporting appeal brand the UFC.”

The first event with the new sponsorship in place will be on 11 July at UFC 189 in Las Vegas.

The full press conference can be viewed above.


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