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Microsoft is helping teachers use Minecraft as a learning tool for kids

Minecraft, the block-based, world-building game, is looking to position itself as a learning aid to further cement its use in schools.

Widely loved by kids, Minecraft, which is the third best selling video game of all time, playable across a host of devices including PCs, mobile and gaming consoles, is looking to train teachers in the use of the game.

Following Microsoft buying over Minecraft-developer studio Mojang for $2.5bn last September, under the new leadership the company is looking to gamify education and provide teachers with creative methods of engaging children.

A statement from the firm reads: “Minecraft in education is a way to teach, learn and inspire. It’s students visiting ancient civilizations to create and play out their own stories. It’s exploring mathematical concepts like perimeter, area, and volume by breaking and placing Minecraft blocks.

“It’s practising collaboration, problem solving, digital citizenship, and leadership skills through creative thinking and innovative design. Minecraft in education is teachers and students inspiring each other to change the way we learn.”

Read more about the scheme on Tumblr.

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