By Natalie Mortimer, N/A

June 26, 2015 | 2 min read

Sex is the biggest investment opportunity the tech world has ever seen according to entrepreneur and founder of MakeLoveNotPorn Cindy Gallop who is charging after a “billion dollar future”.

Speaking in The Drum’s sex tech documentary The Big Turn On, which premiered at Cannes Lions on Wednesday (24 June), Gallop said that once it becomes socially acceptable to talk about and invest in sex technologies the money available to investors and advertisers could be exponential.

“Every other big bet ever made in the history of tech pales against sex tech,” she said.

“You potentially double, triple, quadruple your returns when you normalise people feeling publicly ok about buying into your goods and services, [and] publically doing what they do with everything else which is advocate, share, recommend and publicly badger themselves as brand ambassadors. That’s the billion dollar future that we’re going after. That’s the power of socially acceptable, socially shareable sex.”

Also featured in the documentary was Marc Lewis, dean at the School of Communication Arts who said that with the broad range of channels now available advertisers are able to push out communications on any platform – those created around sex included- as long as it is “relevant and charming”.

“There’s been an explosion of channels and we live in a world of micro tribes and niches and as long as we are relevant and charming we can do anything,” he said. “As long as its relevant for the channel and as long as it’s intelligent then yes absolutely we can bring this idea of sex in to the channel in an interesting, disruptive, relevant way.”

Following the premiere of the film Gallop told The Drum: “Hugely well done on The Big Turn On, I love it. Excellent job. As always, well bloody done on going where no one else dares to”.

Watch the full documentary on YouTube here.

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